Monday, May 31, 2010

Do you even know what being Conservative is all about?

My daughter-in-law and step daughter both fell for a Facebook app, by taking a poll on whether or not the president should have went home to Chicago, instead of participating in a traditional Memorial Day service at Arlington Cemetery. I'm sure they were duped here, because I took the same poll. The trick was that you had to "like" being a Conservative in order to see the results. I'm pretty sure if they knew what being a Conservative was all about, they would not have fell for the trap.

I myself am a recovering Conservative. I bought into whole line of bull that was spread by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. All of which is nothing more than an offshoot of the "me generation," that was prevalent in the 80's when Ronald Reagan was president.

Conservatives will try to tell you that they are the only true patriots, because they believe in "less government." Fact is, when this country was founded, we didn't need much governing. In the 21st Century, this is just not the case. Can you imagine how the government in the early 1800's would have dealt with such catastrophes as the Gulf oil spill? Corporations like BP and Bank of America would have completely decimated this country without the still sub standard regulations that are currently in place.

There is no way to sugar coat this, Conservatives are all about the advancement of big business at all costs. And if the poor working stiff gets stepped on in the process, oh well.

Like I said, I really think my two family members got duped here. I highly doubt that if they really knew what the Conservative doctrine was all about, they would ever have hit the "like" button.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Weekend Homage

As we head out on our own this fine weekend, I want to remind everyone to drink plenty of water, stay in the shade, and keep an eye out for the signs of heat exposure. Signs could include cold, clammy skin, red facial blotches, not sweating. If you notice any of these signs immediately move your loved ones to shade, get them hydrated, and call 911.

As I often do I called John after the show. With such brilliant minds on there we get to trying to solve some very important issues that affect all of us. Some are strictly Minnesota issues, but there are others that affect the country, even the world. That said when I called John I mentioned we forgot to watch the time. We had a whole Memorial honor, and safety speech we wanted to wish everyone.

As time does often for our group, it fly’s so fast that we get lead off into important subjects. John, Dan and I wanted to apologise to all of the hard working people of the military today and in the past. I have had all of the men in my family serving this fine nation to protect it from anyone trying to steal the freedoms soldier's gallantly give their lives for.

That said, it was not our intention to run over and get cut short. John and I have talked about running a 90 minute show over the 60 minute show we have been, as there never seems like there’s enough time to cover all of the important topics we do. With that in mind we hope no one was offended, and hope that you know how much your support means to each of us.

In today world there is so much being bombarded at us, to us, and ultimately through us as people. I want to say that every ones support, ideas, and feedback is vital, not just to us as show hosts, but as people. We fight for the good causes and try to be the voice of reason in a world that's gone crazy fast. Our team is often humbled by the small things we come into contact with daily. God does keep us aware of our own egos, and moves us constantly to view the very important issues of the day.

With that in mind, we try to remain your humble servants, to and for the people, and leave ourselves behind. God bless all of you this fine weekend. We hope that you, and your loved ones are kept safe. We pay homage to the fighters that have gone before us, and honor their memory's. Be safe, tell someone how important they are to you, click it, and much love along the wire to you, and yours.

Shannon Marie

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fastest hour on internet radio...

Click here to listen to the archive...

What will be the legacy of the Gulf oil spill? We discuss the Entenza-Robinson ticket. Speaking of tickets, Should cops be engaged in the "Click it or Ticket" campaign?

Some people just shouldn't reproduce...

One of the few endearing qualities I have is my desire to stay out of other peoples personal lives A lesson I learned the hard way many years ago, when I ratted out a friend that was cheating on his wife. Since then, if it aint in my back yard, I could give a damn less.

So when I found out that a girl I was working with at the time had some guy that she just met on the internet from Missouri moving in with her, I told all the other busy bodies at the office that it was her business.

So when the couple got married and she was expecting a child, I remember sighing a bit, but still didn't give it much thought.

Well it turns out Mr. Wonderful from the "Show Me" state has a little problem with anger management. Bryant Conrad Mendenhall, 20, was charged in Ramsey County District Court with felony malicious punishment of a child.

According to the article in the Pioneer Press' website, St. Paul Police allege Mendenhall squeezed his newborn child's head until his skull bone had cracked, while bathing the infant.

I don't think this relationship was fostered at, rather, more than likely, through a Yahoo style chat room. Which begs the question, how the hell do you let someone that you met on-line move in with you and father a child, married or not? Don't you think you could have found someone from the rather abundant male population in the Twin Cities? This way, maybe you could have dated a few times, got to know the guy, hell even engage in a little protected sex.

Instead, you're shacked up at some fleabag motel, where you have to share the bathroom with several other rooms on that floor, with some guy that just thumbed his way up I35. The worst of it is that the TWO OF YOU brought a child into this world. A child that faces permanent injury all because your love interest couldn't tolerate a crying baby.

Look, for all I know, you two may be a match made in Heaven. But do humanity a favor. One, or both of you, get down to the Bob Barker dumb animal sterilization center, post haste, so this tragedy doesn't repeat itself.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here's to you, Ms. Robinson...

Some say it was the worst kept secret in the history of Minnesota politics. I guess if you don't count Governor Tim Pawlenty's yet to be announced run for the White House, they may be right.

Either way, today's announcement by Matt Entenza of the selection of former channel 9 anchor, Robyne Robinson, to be his choice to run as Lieutenant Governor, converted me from being cautiously optimistic about his chances of winning to being stoked about his campaign.

About a hundred supporters were on hand to hear the official announcement in front of the State Capitol. I missed the live announcement by a few minutes, but I did get to see him lead the small, but enthusiastic crowd over to one of the state office buildings, all chanting, "EN-TEN-ZA, EN-TEN-ZA!"

WCCO-AM mid-morning talker, Chad Hartman, was quick to criticize the process, hinting that Robinson may have been planning to accept the appointment all along, in so, suggesting that she should have stepped down immediately from her anchor position, instead of offering the week's notice, that she did. Hartman also suggested that Entenza had a less than stellar relationship with the Minnesota press. A point I plan to cover this Saturday on the blogcast.

Let me take a moment to congratulate Ms. Robinson on this opportunity. I hope Matt can ride this little wave of notoriety that this will bring and use it to show other Minnesota voters the same thing I see in his qualities.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I respond to a Politics in Minnesota article...

Entenza ad spending at half a million
by Betsy Sundquist
Published: May 26,2010
Time posted: 2:16 pm

But there’s still little evidence his campaign for governor is getting across

Just in case you haven’t heard: When Matt Entenza was 15, he was abandoned by his alcoholic father and sent to live with his grandmother in Worthington.

If you haven’t heard this spiel, you either don’t own a television or you’re a quick draw with the “mute” button when faced with one of Entenza’s TV commercials — the latest of which starts with Entenza intoning of himself in a third-person voiceover, “He was just 15, abandoned by an alcoholic father.”

The entire article

My reply...

I think it may be too soon to write Matt Entenza off. Fact is, he is behind when it comes to name recognition. He recognises that and is doing whatever it takes to get his name out there. I had never heard of him before this election cycle.

It should be noted that Entenza was the only one of the the 3 candidates in the DFL primary that agreed to come on our blogcast. Something that didn’t cost him a dime. What that tells me is that he is indeed willing to do whatever it takes to win this election, by getting his message out to each and every Minnesotan that will listen.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lori's birthday present...

Big choice for Entenza...

Usually, the selection of a state's lieutenant governor, in essence, the running mate for a gubernatorial candidate, is about as exciting as the opening of the NCAA Division 1 badminton season. In the case of two of the candidates for the state's top office, Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Mark Dayton, their respective selections, John Gunyou and Yvonne Prettner Solon carry a similar yawn factor.

The third candidate in the August DFL primary, Matt Entenza has a chance to change all that. Entenza, who is lagging behind in recent polls, has been rumored to be considering long time news anchor at KMSP-TV, Robyne Robinson to be his running mate.

In my opinion, Entenza is the only one of the three DFL candidates to offer a clear look into his vision for this state. Yet he has lacked the notoriety, due to Dayton's name recognition and Kelliher's familiarity with party faithful as House Speaker.

The addition of Ms. Robinson to an Entenza ticket could inject just enough energy to enable the former state representative to attract more interest into his campaign.

I understand that Matt has vetted several potential candidates to serve as his running mate. A final decision will be announced via Twitter.

If you're reading this Matt, take it from someone who knows little to nothing about politics, has a tendency to trust his (rather large) gut instinct. Robyne Robinson would be my hands down choice to run with you.

Good luck...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Go to your BBQ in style...

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What People Talk About

I was really happy to hear that John had invited Matt Entenza to join our blog forum. He was educated, smart, and brought many important issues to the table. It always redirects my thoughts back to the people. If people want change, don't they have to speak up? So many times, it makes me wonder about the rights so fought for that we take for granted in humanity. We have the right to speak up and talk frankly on issues that concern us in today's world. Many of us remain in the background until we are pushed to make decisions. By then it may be too late. My brother was talking about the changes that have to be made now, before it is too late. Things about our waters being poisoned with oil are major. That people are not contacting more of their senators to get BP's hold on information crushed has me on high alert. John mentioned the price shifting of an already hurting nation for oil impact. I see it on a global level of aquatic, wildlife, and lands being poisoned. This will not stop, and it needs to be before we lose out on stopping chains of events. Nobody has the answers, but we all should be outraged, and talking about it. If Canada down to Mississippi's outlets are the only waters free eventually of poisons, we'll see another "Dead Sea" and our amendment rights won't count because no one spoke up.

OK... Prove me wrong...

The nice thing about being a blogger is that I don't have to be "fair and balanced." I truly belive that Matt Entenza's willingness to come on our show, plus attend a debate in front of a group of 3rd graders, proves that he indeed wants to reach out to every Minnesotan that wants to listen to his message.

I'm already a little disenchanted with Margaret Anderson Kelliher who sniped at her DFL rivals for "using their fortunes," while she was working in the Capital on the budget bill. Ms. Kelliher, you have a campaign staff too. You could have had your name out there as well. To me, you are resting on your endorsement.

Yes, I am endorsing Matt Entenza for governor, but the invitation still stands to to Kelliher or Mark Dayton to come on this show sometime before the primary. You will be treated fairly and with respect. I know your campaigns read this blog. The chance is yours to change my mind.

That is if you think my vote matters...

Big Show Today at 4pm

Click here to listen to the archive...

Today, DFL candidate for Minnesota Governor, Matt Entenza joins us.

If you have any questions for Matt, send them here.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bring on the sin taxes...

I want to do my part..

One of the solutions bandied about to create more revenue at the Federal and state level are so called, sin and fat taxes. Basically, a tax on all those things that aren't good for you, such as booze, tobacco products and fast food consumption.

Well, coming from a guy who spends 12 hours per day away from home, as well as someone who enjoys the (not so) occasional adult beverage, I have no problem paying a little extra for these items.

Let's not kid ourselves. This country will not solve all it's budget woes simply with spending cuts. And with the government playing a greater role in our health care, it's only right that those of us who have less than healthy lifestyles be made to chip in a little more to offset the costs to the rest of our taxpayers.

Now I know talk of new taxes of any kind ruffle the feathers of many and there are those who say that these type of taxes will hurt the very poor. I understand that, but unlike many other taxes, this one would effect personal decisions directly. Nobody makes you light up or woof down that Quarter Pounder.

So bring on the sin taxes. Between me and a few of my friends, we should be able to single handily cure all of our budget shortfalls.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is Terryl Clark up for a political cat fight?

The first salvo in what I expect to be a very contentious campaign for the Congressional seat now held by Michelle Bachmann. The incumbent has begun a radio ad campaign identifying opponent, Terryl Clark as the "deciding vote" on a budget bill, in the Minnesota Senate, that included some $400 million in tax increases.

To my knowledge, Clark has not aired any ads, as of yet.

I guess I'm not sure what her campaign is waiting for. If we didn't learn anything else from the '08 race, Michelle Bachmann is a pit bull of a campaigner. Ms. Clark needs to engage her, post haste.

Bachmann's radical alliance with the Teabaggers and her disconnect with people in her district make for some particularly easy targets for the DFL endorsed candidate to focus on.

But she better get crackin'. There is a lot on the line and the Fox News darling will do just about anything to hold that seat and stay in the limelight.

New leadin for our show...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WTF? Kelliher and Dayton snub 3rd graders?!

When Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher blew off my invitation to come on our blogcast, I chalked it up to them not feeling they could carry on a relative conversation with an uneducated, fat ass cab driver and his rag-tag group of friends. Hell, for all they know, I was the guy that wrote "STIEN" next to Al Franken's name on the 2008 ballot. Eh... It wasn't me, by the way.

This kinda pisses me off though...

Apparently, a 3rd grade class at a school near Duluth invited all the candidates that were in the upcoming gubernatorial race to come to their school for a friendly debate. While it's unclear whether Tom Emmer or Tom Horner will accept the invite, Matt Entenza will be the only DFL candidate that will make the trip. Both Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher cite schedule conflicts in declining.

This is just sad...

I am aware that these candidates have busy schedules and can't show up for every single invitation. But it's early enough in the campaign. What the hell could you possibly be doing?

I am NOT on Matt Entenza's payroll, but it sure seems to me, early on, that he is the only DFL candidate that is interested in meeting as many every day Minnesotans as possible in order to win this election.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Entenza to Announce Lieutenant Governor Pick via Twitter


12:23PM on May 18 2010
Want to Be the First to Know? Follow @entenza4gov

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Matt Entenza, DFL candidate for governor, will announce his choice for lieutenant governor from his Twitter handle, @entenza4gov .

Said Dave Colling, Entenza campaign manager: "This campaign has been reaching out to voters in social media since the beginning. It's about engaging our supporters and future supporters wherever they are; giving them the first opportunity to hear what we have to say. Social media today are some of the best venues for getting news out quickly to a wide audience."

Entenza's announcement will come before the June 1 filing deadline. To be one of the first to hear Entenza's announcement, log on to and follow @entenza4gov , the campaign's account.

Media interested in hearing all the latest news from the Entenza campaign also should sign up for the campaign's email alerts. Visit and submit your email address at the top of the home page.

Matt Entenza's campaign for governor of Minnesota is about growing the economy, creating jobs all over Minnesota by focusing on the potential of clean energy, and refocusing on education as the engine of future job creation and economic competitiveness. Entenza was a white-collar crime prosecutor prior to representing St. Paul in the Minnesota legislature for 12 years, including four years during which he also served as House Minority Leader and led the DFL to significant gains. In 2007, Entenza founded Minnesota 2020, a think tank that has been an important voice for progressive policy positions and which he chaired until April 2009. Entenza is a graduate of Worthington High School in Worthington, Minn., Macalester College in St. Paul, and the University of Minnesota Law School.


Could be exactly why he's coming on to our show, this Saturday...

Facebook postings not grounds for termination...

Some day, some business will get bit in the ass for this...

There isn't a day that goes by where you don't see a story somewhere about some poor sap that loses their job over a blog or Facebook posting.

Let me educate the ignorant here.

In America, we have a little thing called free speech. As long as my postings do not violate any laws, it is none of my employer's damn business what I do in my free time.

I am fairly lucky in as I am an independent contractor. So I've never had to worry about some of my postings over the years that have been a little over the top. However, one former cab company has tried to label me as a racist. Go figure...

Even if that were true, as long as my actions during work hours were not detrimental to the company's good name, it should not matter even if I was a card carrying member of the Illinois Nazis.

Sooner or later, labor lawyers and union heads will figure a way to protect employees from over zealous company managers, who spend too much time prying into the personal lives of their subordinates. Until then, be careful what you put up on the internet.

Monday, May 17, 2010

All it takes is a little cooperation...

It didn't take the newest addition to the Good Neighbor, Chad Hartman, to hit on a subject that has been a pet peeve of mine for years.

Surely taking a bit from a story in today's Pioneer Press, Hartman discussed a problem that I have seen with Minnesota drivers, all along. The habit of not using the "zipper" method of merging when faced with losing a lane of traffic.

Minnesota drivers have this annoying habit of moving over way before they are required to, leaving an open lane for a mile or more. Then, if some poor soul decides to navigate that open lane, some Dudley Do-Right will swerve over to block that motorist, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

MnDot officials say motorists should use all available lanes of travel and gently merge over when it's time to do so.

Look, rush hour travel should not resemble a quasi NASCAR race. It takes cooperation so everybody can arrive at their destination in a safe and efficient manner. If there are multiple lanes available, use them until they no longer exist. Then merge as needed.

Maybe this approach will cut down on a little bit of the road rage. Don't hold your breath though, old habits die hard.

Positive Perception

 I just came from my brothers (by a different mothers) house. Much needed retrieve. He is much the Yoda to so of my Zen that fly's around. He has so many good points it makes my head hurt sometimes LOL. I'm sure I will blog about some of it another time. Eating the “elephant” is always a tough job. This elephant is going to take a big fork and many people to finding solutions. How do you eat it? As Joyce Meyers would say, “one bite at a time”.

As John mentioned, there seems like there is so many bigger fish to fry. It is almost as if people need to take a collective breath, and rest from this. Think better, some "pink elephants" flying around the USA for the last 100 years, will remain, we do need change however. Immigration is nothing new. Many of our ancestors are, and were immigrants, the colors and different textures build a beautiful tapestry of who we are as a people.  

We have to remember the most important thing is to be open to change, and do it with love. Do it with best intentions and the wash water will do its work. This is one of them times I can quote my grandmother, who was an indentured slave from Ireland, long dead but never forgotten. She would say, "Shannon, never throw out the baby with the bath water". I never knew what that meant until now,.....
Shannon Marie

Large monkey seen wandering aimlessly in the Bronx...

You'd thought it was game 7 in October...

With one mighty swing, Twins' left-fielder, Jason Kubel single handily swatted that monkey, that had grown into an 800 pound gorilla, off his team's collective backs.

Kubel's 8th inning grand slam home run off of the Yankees' soon to be Hall of Famer, Mariano Rivera did more than just cap off a 5 run uprising, it was a statement.

The 6-3 win snapped a 9-game losing streak against the Yankees. Better yet, it helped erase some possible doubts the Twins might have had about going further than the first round of a potential playoff run.

I know that it's only May, but you might look back at Sunday, the 16th's game as being the biggest win of the year.

And if anybody sees a large monkey walking down the Jersey Turnpike, don't feel sorry for him. He's had the high life off the Twins' back for quite a while. Time for him to find a new keeper.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dan and His Hidden Talent

This is a "MUST HEAR" Dan and Dan recording. He's our cohost on The Shannon Files. I was delighted he was wonderful! Very impressive, so as not to hide his light under a bush,... enjoy :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Saturday's show...

Click here to listen to the archived show...

We spend the entire hour discussing illegal immigration. What is a bigger problem, crime, the drain on our economy or the perceived "Latinization" of the United States?

My choice for governor has become clear...

I think it goes without saying that I will support and vote for whoever wins the DFL primary in Minnesota's gubernatorial race. That said, my choice for for that nomination is becoming clearer.

Let's face it, there's not a huge difference in what Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza would bring to the table as governor. Other than Kelliher's vocal opposition to a racino, I find myself in agreement with most of their agendas.

It may sound petty, but it's important to me. About the time of the DFL endorsement convention, I invited Entenza, Kelliher and Dayton to come on The Shannon Files live blogcast. Almost immediately, I was contacted by the Entenza campaign, agreeing to come on the show. Last week, I re-extended the invitation, via e-mail, to the other two camps. I have received not as much as a "thanks, but no thanks" from either candidate.

It's not that I confuse our little corner of the blogosphere with a major (or minor, for that manner) media outlet. Instead I think it reflects Matt Entenza's desire to reach out to everyday Minnesotans. It is with this in mind, that I plan to vote for Matt in the upcoming primary. I also encourage others who read this blog or listen to our show to do the same.

You could make the argument that that Ms. Kelliher has been busy dealing with the state budget mess, but that's what campaign staffers are for. And what's Mark Dayton's excuse? Bet your ass, if I was inquiring how I could donate a couple grand to their campaigns, I would have no shortage of replies.

I want to again thank Bridget Cusick, media coordinator for the Entenza campaign for arranging this meeting which you can hear live, Saturday, May 22nd, at 4pm.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's play "What If..."

Follow me, if you would, to the theater of your mind...

I live in International Falls, Minnesota. An independently wealthy young lady from across the border in Rainy River, Ontario, falls in love with my wit and charm (told you this was theater) and decides she wants to move in with me. Because of her wealth, she does not need to work nor is she a burden to our social service system. Yet because she is so in love with me, she never wants to return to Canada. Neither one of us wants to marry again, so wedlock just so she can obtain citizenship is out of the question.

You are my neighbor. You proudly wave your American flag on your front porch. (as you should) You're a loyal listener to Rush, Sean, Glen and Michael and continuously beat your chest and spout, "All illegal aliens are criminals and should be treated as such."

Yet as my neighbor, you know my wealthy Canadian love interest has no intention of returning voluntarily.

Now be honest with yourself, are you on the horn to INF, trying to get her deported and me thrown in jail for harboring this "criminal?"

Just curious...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Send me back to the bean farm...

This Saturday will be your chance...

I have never taken so much heat over a position I have taken as I have over the immigration issue.

I think some of you (not all) may be some racist haters.

I invite you to prove me wrong, this Saturday at 4pm CDT.

New Entenza ad...

I tell you, the more I see, the more I like...

Hiding your weed can be a real pain in the ass...

I generally support the actions of police officers, who by far, have the most thankless job imaginable. This time, however, I'm afraid Minneapolis cops may have crossed the line.

According to a story in today's Star-Tribune, Recardo Meeks was pulled over around 24th and Cedar. Officers ordered the 26 year old man out of the car, cuffed him and stood him up against the rear of the squad car.

All pretty routine stuff, right?

Well, the cops figured Meeks was hiding some "contraband" in his pants, so they pulled them down, underwear and all, and preformed a cavity search.

This was done in front of God and everybody at a fairly busy Minneapolis intersection. The invasive search yielded a "small amount" of marijuana. Now that's really stink weed. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Seriously, was this big drug bust worth an almost certain lawsuit? Like I said earlier, being a cop is a thankless job. But this is the type of over the top behavior that makes it harder for good cops to do their job.

Besides, if dude is so desperate to hide a one hitter's worth of pot in his asshole, he's got enough issues. Maybe the boys should be looking for bigger fish.

Just sayin'...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lets Not Lose Sight of Important Issues

While I believe immigration is important for Americans to revisit, and keep in the forefront of our thoughts and concerns, lets not forget about whats happening with the weather. Many people have lost their homes to flooding, tornado's, and high winds.

We as well have the catastrophe of the oil spill courtesy of BP Oil industry's. There's larger issues on our plate to have to deal with globally. My hope is that we learn to deal with these important things, and keep in mind that this affects not only Americas state of economy, but the better part of Earths waters along with habitats, and shrimp fisherman.

Yes, we have starving family's around the world, but with Americas big business outsourcing work, and computers answering our phone calls and putting us into automated hell, how is it we want to remain focused on illegal immigration now, when this has been plaguing us for the better part of the last century. We have some nerve to blame all of our problems on the illegals (both from Mexico, Somalia, and even Cuba ) for our being asleep as a nation. People are so busy chatting on their cell phones at 65 MPH, that they don't even blink an eye when they almost run their neighbors off the road. Our problem is we need to get back in touch with each other. We can fight nothing divided.

Hell, we can't even seem to get on the same platform when it comes to voting in our senate committees that make our laws.

Lets remember to take care of our own housekeeping and cleaning before we so blatantly resort to shooing away a hand reaching out for help. That said,Hug your loved ones like it's your last day on earth, one day you'll be right.

Peace and Love,

Shannon Marie

Let's remember our American values...

I get it... The law is the law...

And we have tens of millions of folks that are in this country illegally. Some of those people are from Mexico.

I want you, for just a minute, to put yourself in the shoes not only the illegal immigrants, but also those people of Mexican heritage, that were born here or followed the legal means of immigration.

These individuals are facing a form of hatred similar to that faced by black Americans in the 60s. There is a lingering presumption, by some, that every Hispanic has no business in this country. And God forbid, they show a little reverence to their heritage.

The modern day battle cry is, "this is America, speak English or leave!"

Like every immigrant, most Latinos come to this country in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Some live in such desperate conditions, that the last thing they're concerned with are our immigration laws. Even the risk of being deported a half dozen times is not a deterrent.

I don't pretend to have an answer to this complicated issue. I do know that hatred is not a Christian value nor is it an American value. And while we need to uphold our laws, we must remember these are human beings we are dealing with and act in an appropriate matter.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Hate

I was just watching a video on U Tube. And what he spoke about made me laugh, then think after. It is true, most all of us are immigrants. The whole point with the Mexican people being here is they chose to come, they were neither coerced, nor brought here illegally. What makes it sad is that their brothers, sisters, mothers, and offspring, have all gotten their citizenship.

It would be nice if they would learn English, and abide by the laws.
For these people to stand up against the people that legally came to America, and have earned their stay by following the laws of this nation, is just sad. It's a sad reflection on humanity in general. It shows hate, violence, nonacceptance, and bigotry.

These days, that should not be an issue. I feel for the people that are enslaved by their nation, and wanting to come here to make a better life. Americas arms have always been open to them that seek refuge. But don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Mexican Americans should be outraged by their (illegal aliens rousting)behaviors, their behaviors will only make it tougher on the ones that paid the price to live her legally. It raises our taxes, and lets the Government of Mexico continue on their drug trades, child and female sex trades, and other such behaviors. If anything they should fight against this behavior and not a Nation that could help support their causes to making their lands safer, and fall under the UN specifics for democratically ruled government, there only to support the people that vote them in. Not the drug lords paying them to turn a blind eye to the atrocity that are "their homeland."

I bet if you asked these illegal aliens if they would rather work around their family's and their lands the majority would "shout" an astounding "SI!" :) That said, Hug your children, love your spouse, be kind to yourself, but love each other like it's life, some day you will find out the truth. "Do your best, let God do the rest"

Seems like a pretty good offer to me...

Fifteen percent...

That's the amount Minnesota Senate Democrats are proposing to cut the state's $2.7 billion budget gap by tax increases. The rest would be in spending cuts and shifting payments. Yet, Governor Tim "Read My Lips" Pawlenty repeated his threat to veto any bill that included any tax increase, going as far as telling commissioners to prepare for a government shutdown.

What's the matter, T-Paw? You worried you won't be invited to any more Teabagger parties if you budge a little on this? I think the Senate is meeting you a little better than half way here.

Let's face it, $2.3 billion in cuts are still going to be painful and will surely effect some of the state's most vulnerable. So I'm sure your reputation will still be safe.

My advice, Tim, is to this offer and run with it. Hell, at will give your anti-tax buddies something to run on, this election.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

No longer strangers...

This afternoon, Shannon, Dan, Mark and myself met, face to face, for the first time this afternoon. It was great to put faces, other than pictures, along with the voices.

I look at this as a big step to putting out a better show. No longer are we just anonymous voices, but instead, now we will almost be able to picture a facial expression in reaction to certain topics.

We plan on having more get togethers in the future. Possibly over some grilled meat, instead of at a coffee shop.

Matt Entenza on the show May 22nd...

DFL gubenitorial candidate Matt Entenza will be joining us on The Shannon Files on, Saturday, May 22nd at 4pm. It is unclear as of yet if Matt will take phone in questions, so I encourage you to send us your questions via e-mail.

A Mother's Day thought...

It's been almost 36 years since my mother succumb to her problem drinking and died from cirrhosis of the liver. The 2 years after she lost her husband, my father, was nothing short of a living hell. Nightly abuse and taking care of a 42 year old child was how I got to spend my 10th and 11th birthdays. Back then, there wasn't the safety net for children that exists now.

Having said that, I'd do anything to have her back in my life today. Each and every one of us only has one mother. Most of us are lucky enough to have fond memories of our lives with our mothers, thus the celebration of Mothers' Day.

But for those of us who weren't so lucky, I think we still have to reflect on this day. After all, without our moms, we wouldn't be in this world today.

Happy Mothers' Day...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Matt Entenza's video town hall meeting...

Recorded earlier this month...

Matt Entenza's Ustream Town Hall from Matt Entenza on Vimeo.

Big show planned for tomorrow at 4pm.

Should a California school have sent students home for wearing American themed clothing on Cinco de Mayo?

Can Governor Pawlenty reach a compromise with the state legislature over an expected $2.7 billion budget gap?

We pay a fitting tribute to cop killer, Jason Jones.

The fireworks begin at 4pm central.

There is a difference between patriotism and hate.

"You better check your citizenship, or go back to the bean farm."

This was a quote from a long time friend on Facebook. We were discussing a story about some California kids who were reprimanded, at their school, for wearing clothing that displayed the American flag on Cinco de Mayo. My initial comment was that if all school kids wore uniforms, you wouldn't have this kind of problem. (That's a topic for another day)

You would have though I was in favor of having the Hispanic kids burn the flag on their "special" day.

After reading the MSNBC story, I found myself disagreeing with the school's position and with the young lady that was "offended" by the boys' choice of clothing.

Even with all that, I can't get over the venomous tone that this "friend" used. And there was no mistaking that her hatred was directed squarely at Hispanics.

I just don't get it. I understand the whole illegal immigrant problem, but let's remember, a great majority of those of Hispanic heritage are either citizens or are in this country legally. Is it because they have a sense of pride or identity from Mexico or what ever country their fathers or grandfathers came from?

Kinda reminds me of the Italians that immigrated here in the 1930s. They didn't jump off the boat speaking English. It also took them some time to fully integrate into "American" society. And if you go in to some areas of New York or Chicago, you'll still see Italian flags flying off their porches. Come to think of it, the early Italian immigrants faced vile comments from the bigots of that period of time too.

History shows that we have evolved as a nation. Just 60 years ago, it was acceptable to call a black person a nigger.

Then again, maybe we haven't all evolved yet.

Pictures from Arizona

Is this what Minnesota wants?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A test for Pawlenty's legacy...

It has to happen... Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty is going to have to get off his political high horse and come to a compromise with the DFL controlled, state legislature, in order to balance the state budget. A task made that much harder by the inevitable ruling by the state Supreme Court, which made his unallotment of $5 million for a special dietary program illegal.

The program was just a small portion of Pawlenty's total unilateral cuts, which totaled $2.7 billion.

Now the legislature will have to figure a way to close this gap.

There is no way to close this shortfall by spending cuts alone. Pawlenty is going to have to swallow a political horse pill and allow for some tax increases. A move that will surely hurt his aspersions to vie for the Republican nomination for president in the 2012 election.

I'm sure most Minnesotans don't give a damn about the governor's future political plans. They just want him to do the job that he was elected to do and work with this legislature to do whatever it takes to balance the budget, the right way.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The new face of Twin Cities AM radio...

Dark Star
Tim Russell
Jeff McKinney
Eric Eskola

John Williams (sharing him with WGN, Chicago)
TD Mischke

What the hell is going on at 'CCO? Maybe more importantly, what's happening to the Twin Cities local AM radio market?

Just a few months ago, I was pissing and moaning about the changes at KSTP-AM, which I have to admit, it is much better from noon til 4pm, listening to Reusse and Soucheray talk about sports, than anything bleeding out of KFAN's airwaves.

Now, it seems like the "Good Neighbor" is hemorrhaging talent. It can't be because of a lack of advertising revenue. My God, it seems like 45 minutes of every prime time hour is filled with commercials.

Don't get me wrong, 'CCO is still the station to turn to if you want local talk and information. But, there is a certain comfort level with certain hosts. I had gotten so used to Jay Kolls, Bob Berglund, Shawn Prebil, Chris Murphy and Kelly Webb, that when KSTP made their format change, I was devastated. Seriously...

I have since not gotten that attached to any one station. I switch between "CCO, KTNF and even MPR for my news and talk. I switch over to KOOL 108 (KQQL-FM) when I want a break.

I think stations have realized their market is shrinking. There are so many choices for news and information, including internet radio. Even long time WCCO host, Ruth Koscielak has started her own blogcast.

If AM talk radio is to survive, I would suggest they hire part-time personalities from all walks of life. I know, sounds familiar, huh?


That's a 20 cent per gallon spike since the explosion and sinking of that oil rig, in the Gulf.

Somehow, I thought we, in Minnesota, got a majority of our domestic oil from Alaska. Why the hell are we paying for BP's screw-up?

If my cab breaks down, costing me a couple of weeks of work, do I get to charge more per fare to make up for lost revenue? I don't think so.

Energy and healthcare are two entities in which the "free market" system has let the public down.

Just remember what happened to our economy the last time gas prices surged to an outrageous level.

Gun Control

The following is from my daughter, Katelin Kaeder. Katelin is a student at Century College, doing general studies. Every now and then, she produces an assignment that I feel is relevant to our discussion.

America: where every man is created equal, where you have freedom of speech and the right to peaceful protest. America: the place where you have the right to bear arms. What wonderful things our forefathers planned for our nation. I bet they didn’t have today’s America in mind when they set this in stone. Not that this makes them bad; they didn’t know, hind site is always 20/20.

America today is much different than it was when our country was born. We had just got done fighting for our free country ten-years prior to when these laws were written into the constitution. American life from day to day has changed as well. We don’t have to own a farm to be able to eat anymore. We didn’t have to carry a gun to protect ourselves from our neighbors, and the drug and crime rates were not as high. America has changed, so maybe it is time to change the rules in order to keep up with our new way of life.

This change includes the availability of guns. It seems that any man or woman who wants one can have one, if the government approves. I don’t think that owning a gun is bad. I think that using guns to kill people when they’re not doing any physical harm, or when a child can get access to them is when it’s bad. America’s gun problem has been an immense issue for quite a while now and something needs to be done about it.

A child sitting in a car at a gas station waiting for their parents to return found a gun next to where he was sitting. This three-year-old child sitting in the car took the gun and shot himself in the face, killing him instantly. Five-hundred children die annually from gun accidents whether it’s self-inflicted or by another person. Over 1.7 million children in the United States live in homes of which their parents own at least one gun. The number of children who die each year is small compared to the number of children who live in homes with guns. However, any time a child dies, it is heartbreaking.

The National Rifle Association (NFL) does provide classes for children to learn about gun safety, but where do you draw the line? A three-year-old child does not understand the seriousness of the class. All they really know is what they watch on T.V. and what they learn from their parents. They do not understand death and how final it is. I think a parent with a child under the age of 10 should not be allowed to have a gun, at least not at their residence. If they feel that they need to be able to have some sort of protection, there are classes out there to teach self-defense. I also believe that a parent should be held responsible for their child’s actions. If their child kills themselves or another they should have to serve time for child endangerment.

There are an increasing number of young Americans being murdered in poor urban areas. The numbers have grown over the past few decades because of the increasing use and sale of illegal substances. There have also been cases where young people have gone into schools and killed other students because they were teased or were unpopular. Some parents say it’s the music they listen to. I say it’s the parents being bad parents. People listen to Marilyn Manson (known for his graphic lyrics and exotic topics) all the time and don’t bring a gun to school and kill everyone who had ever hurt their feelings.

The U.S. has a high murder rate where the weapon used was a gun, whereas a country like England with strict gun controls has almost no gun murders and a very low murder rate. In the United States during 1997, there were 15,289 murders. Of these, 10,369 were committed with firearms. If you do the math, that’s about 67 percent of murders that are committed with the use of a firearm. Why is that? These people should have gone through a process to be able to use a gun. Law enforcement agencies have to issue handgun permits to all qualified applicants in order for them to be able to have a gun. Does this mean that everyone who qualifies for a gun should be able to own one? I think not.

The United States has the highest rate of firearm ownership than any other developed country. The U.S. also has one of the higher rates of homicide. About 10,000 murders are committed using firearms annually.

Guns are dangerous. If you do not know how to properly use a gun you can hurt yourself or others, even if you didn’t mean to. There are classes to learn the proper way to handle a gun, but what happens if someone is operating this gun who has not taken the class?
As of 1998, no permit-holder has ever shot a police officer. There have been several cases in which a permit-holder has protected an officer's life. On average, Americans use their firearms 764,000 times per year to defend themselves from criminals. This means that guns are not totally bad; it just depends on whose hands the gun is in. The U.S. government has Right-to-carry law, which requires law enforcement agencies to issue handgun permits to all qualified applicants. Qualifications include criteria such as age, a clean criminal record, and completing a firearm safety course.

I am glad we have Right-to-carry laws. What I don’t understand is how people still use firearms to murder people. One thing I would like to see a law which requires any firearm applicant to have a psychological evaluation. If the person seems emotionally unable to own a firearm, they wouldn’t be granted a permit.

People also use guns for hunting. If hunting was never invented, humanity as we know it would not exist. We are made to eat meat that is why we have the canine teeth in our mouths. Hunting also keeps down the animal population so that animals don’t overpopulate certain areas. Guns also may protect a person from a dangerous animal that could hurt or kill them.
There needs to be harsher punishment, for people who commit murder and parents of children who hurt another with a gun. The only way to make our country a safer place to live is by having the government step in. The government can step in by making it harder to get a gun, punishing people who chose to use their guns for anything other than self-defense, and parents of children who use their parent’s guns to harm themselves or others.

Living in America today can be very dangerous. We have guns and it is not very hard to get them. Yes, American’s do use guns for hunting and self protection, but when our murder rate is so high we have a responsibility to do something about it. Innocent men, women and children are dying every day by people with guns. If we don’t do anything about it, it will only get worse.

Work Cited 4/7/2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

We are not Arizona...

Go ahead, Minnesota GOP lawmakers, commit political suicide...

Stating that he wished he had thought of the new Arizona immigration law, Representative Steve Drazkowski is drafting a bill in the Minnesota House that appears to be similar to the controversial Arizona measure.

Again, while I don't agree with the actions taken in Arizona, I understand the the problems leading to it. Minnesota, not so much. This state does not have a significant issue with illegal immigration.

It should also be noted that that GOP gubernatorial hopeful, Tom Emmer also supports drastic immigration legislation.

I think the people of Minnesota understand our situation does not warrant this type of draconian legislation, but if you teabagger types want to keep pursuing these avenues, I'm sure the voters of this state will be happy to let you know they have no interest in being associated with such extremism.

No tears shed for cop killer...

According to a friend of mine who used to live in the area of Ivy and Birmingham, in St. Paul, the area where suspected cop killer Jason Jones was killed by another St. Paul police officer, a small memorial of balloons in and flowers was placed on the site to honor Jones. The next day, according to neighbors, that memorial was removed.

I only have one thing to say about that, good... That little punk did not deserve any type of memorial.

According to witness reports, Jones, who was just released from prison a few months ago, shot Maplewood police Sgt. Joseph Bergeron, point blank in the head. The slain officer was following up on a reported carjacking from earlier that Saturday morning.

It was only after St. Paul officer David Longbehn was attacked by Jones with a steel object did the officer shoot Jones several times, killing the suspect.

Yea, I know Jones was somebody's son, maybe even boyfriend or father, but this lowlife killed one cop, execution style and severly injured another. Had Officer Longbehn not been able to fend Jones off, we might be mourning the deaths of two cops.

In my opinion, memorializing Jones is an insult to the family of Joseph Burgeron and I'm glad that the residents of that East Side neighborhood saw fit to remove the tribute.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Entenza hardly acts like a millionaire...

If there is anything I've learned in 29 years in my profession, the common taxicab is not the preferred mode of transportation for most millionaires.

I've only met Matt Entenza once. I was dispatched to his home, last winter, to take him and his family to the airport. I had no clue, at the time, who he was or that he had any intention of running for governor. The home I pulled up in front of was not one I'd associate with someone of great wealth. It was a nice home, but far from grandiose. Matt and his family were very friendly. We had a nice conversation on the ride to the airport. As a good businessman, I gave Matt my card and have taken his wife, Lois, to the airport on a couple of occasions since. It was only on the last trip, did I even know that I possibly had our next governor riding shotgun.

I only bring this up because it seems that GOP officials have tagged Entenza as a "millionaire who wants to buy the election."

I just did not get that impression from Matt, Lois or their 3 sons, for that matter. Just an everyday, American family, in my opinion.

I should also mention that the Entenza campaign is the only one of the 3 DFL candidates that has agreed to come on our blogcast. I don't think his media coordinator, Bridget Cusick, has made the connection that I have been the family's personal cab driver as of late. Rather, I think it's the goal of Matt's campaign to reach out to everyday Minnesotans. Hardly the tactic of someone trying to buy an election.

Personally, I find it amusing that anybody from the GOP would point the finger at anyone using abundant personal finances in order to win an election.

Random Rant #1 -- swearing does NOT make you sound uneducated

I apologize in advance: this post has little to do with the show or current issues, but I feel it is important to discuss this because it DOES have something to do with our civil discourse. How many times have you been in a heated debate and dropped one or two (or five) four letter words to add emphasis to a point, only to be told that swearing makes you sound uneducated? Not only is this perception completely pompous and snobby, but it's also flat-out wrong.
There is a reason profanity makes some people uncomfortable; they are extremely powerful words. No other words in the English language conjure up such a visceral response. Why, then, if these words are in your vocabulary "arsenal" would you refuse to use them when appropriate? I like to think that I have a pretty broad vocabulary. I like to throw unique words into my vernacular (and yes, vernacular IS in my vernacular), but sometimes dropping the 'f' bomb is the most fitting way to make a point or add emphasis to something. People who refuse to use power words, even if they may offend others, are doing themselves (and their argument) a disservice by not taking advantage of every word in their vocabulary. That, to me, is a pretty uneducated decision . . .

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maplewood Officer shot and killed in St. Paul

A Maplewood Police Officer was shot and killed early Saturday morning in St. Paul.

It happened around 6:30 a.m. near the intersection of Arlington Ave. and English St. right on the border of Maplewood and St. Paul next to Lake Phalen.

The officer was responding to a car jacking in the area when he was shot and killed.

Around 10 a.m., in an apparent confrontation with one of the suspects not far away from the original shooting, a second officer was hit with gunfire--that officer is okay.

The suspect was shot and killed.

What's on tap this afternoon at 4pm...

Click here to listen to the archive...

After the Gulf coast disaster, can we continue to drill off-shore?

Why are some in Minnesota interested in a Arizona-type immigration law?

Can Congress pass a meaningful financial reform bill?

Plus, a 2 minute discussion about the the Minnesota GOP convention?

This and anything else we can squeeze into an hour long show.