Monday, February 28, 2011

My final thoughts on the Dean interview that did not happen

With all the other important things that are happening, I apologize for dwelling on this.

Bradlee Dean was scheduled to come on the show last Saturday. The Dean camp had over a week to prepare to come on the show. I got the cancellation e-mail last Thursday. I was a little puzzled as to why, until I took the time to listen to his show later that Saturday.

About 20 minutes into his second hour, Dean mentioned the ditched interview. In keeping with the usual bullshit he spreads, Dean cited a picture that I posted of his cohort, Jake-wagon with former governor, Tim Pawlenty. Somehow, he thought I said that was him that was posing with T-Paw. Also, I had to laugh my ass off when he said that our site and show were being financed by George Soros. All I can say is that I only wish he'd toss a couple bucks our way.

Roger and I need to move on from this. I do strongly suggest you visit for the latest in the Bradlee Dean hypocrisy.

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