Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Katrina and the Waves Tell Bachmann Not to Tred on Their Sunshine

Rolling Stone is reporting that after Katrina and the Waves found out that Minnesota's little gift from God, Michelle Bachmann, was using one of their songs and they were not walking on sunshine! Seems the campaign switched from Tom Petty's "American Girl" to their song "Walking on Sunshine".

Katrina Leskanich, lead singer of Katrina and the Waves, put the smack down on Bachmann. She told Rolling Stone. "I've performed ‘Walking on Sunshine’ for so many years in so many different countries that it’s become the one constant in my life and the one thing I can count on to bring happiness to myself and others." Well, Katrina, she is bringing happiness to me, probably not in the way Mrs. Bachmann intended. I am laughing at her though, but I don't think that is what you meant.

I have said it before, she could use either Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever" or to get the crowd pumping, use "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang". Although, I think her best bet is to use Green Day's "American Idiot". Ms. Bachmann, please feel free to use any of my ideas, no need to pay me for consulting fee!

Read the full story at Rolling Stone here.

Marcus Bachmann (Michelle's "Husband") Received $137,000 in Medicaid Funds

Photo thanks to Michele McGaughey
All the while, Michelle Bachmann rallies against Medicaid and its recipients, NBC News is reporting that Marcus Bachmann's Christian Counseling clinic Bachmann & Associates received $137,000 for the treatment of patients since 2005. Mr. Bachmann claims that he can help you cure "the gay", according to Wonkette who links to a radio program that Mr.Bachmann appeared on.

 I would like to know if any of those Medicare funds went to this type of treatment. Of course, Bachmann absolutely denies this is true. NBC writes that on Chris Wallace's show "Fox News Sunday", "My husband and I did not get the money," adding that it was "mental health training money that went to the employees." The NBC News article continues, "But state records show that Bachmann & Associates has been collecting payments under the Minnesota's Medicaid program every year for the past six years. Karen Smigielski, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Human Services, said the state's Medicaid program is funded "about 50-50" with federal and state monies." I predict Michelle will drop out of the race before long. She definitely does not hold up to scrutiny. After she drops out, there should be a federal investigation done on both her and her husband. I am always wary of people who wear their Christianity like a Ralph Lauren logo, they are usually the most corrupt and have the most to hide. Read the full story here at NBC News.

Does Gov. Dayton share responsibility for a potential shutdown?

We discussed it, and you may not like my answer...

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tom Petty Tells Michelle Bachmann She is NOT His American Girl!

Rawstory is reporting that Tom Petty is not very happy with Michelle Bachmann using 'American Girl' as she stumbles...I mean stumps through Iowa on her bid to the White House. He has issued a cease and desist letter to the Bachmann campaign to stop playing the song.

I would like to make a recommendation for her campaign. How about Ted Nugent's 'Cat Scratch Fever'? Given Ted's political slant, they would be two peas in a pod! If Mr. Petty is feeling generous, he could allow her to use the song 'Don't Come Around Here No More'! Make a comment if there are any more recommendations!

An item of note, Petty had no issue with Hillary Clinton using the song in her campaign in 2008. I have just become a big fan of Tom Petty.

Read the story here at Rawstory.

Chris Wallace didn't know how right he was...

U.S. receives counterfeit chips from China with backdoor to shut down missiles.

Wired is reporting that in 2010, the U.S. military purchased over 59,000 microchips that would be installed in missile defense systems and other military devices. The chips were fake, worse yet, they had a backdoor that could be used to shut down the missile defense systems where they were installed! Read the full story here from Wired.

When will the U.S. learn that we need to pull our manufacturing back from China? It seems our government is willing to weaken our safety to save a few bucks. This is an incredibly worrisome problem that should have much more coverage than it does, MUCH more than a senators crotch shots.

Michelle Bachman's Home Schoolin' Fails Her Again!

In what can only be perceived as a concerted effort to be at one with her constituency, Michelle Bachmann, once again let facts and logic fail her.

Ms. Bachmann was stumping in Waterloo, Iowa when she stated to a TV reporter “What I want them to know is, just like John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa, that's the kind of spirit I have too,” Unfortunately for Ms. Bachmann, she had the wrong John Wayne. John Wayne Gayce (aka "The Killer Clown" who killed 33 young men and boys and was executed in 1994.) was from Waterloo, Iowa. John Wayne, the actor who she attempted to reference, was from Winterset, Iowa.

Bachmann, never one to admit she was wrong, stated that John Wayne parent's met in Waterloo and that makes here correct. Unfortunately, Ms. Bachmann, he was not BORN there so you are WRONGO!

Ms. Bachmann has made the news worldwide with her latest gaffe from the left wing "gotcha" media. Read the full story here at The Telegraph in the UK.

North Minneapolis, a month later...

This used to be my favorite place in the city to grab a Philly chesesteak sandwich. Other than a small construction trailer, and an outhouse on the property, this establishment has gone pretty much untouched.

Is this the true legacy of the north Minneapolis tornado recovery effort? Where an impoverished neighborhood becomes a complete slum? I, along with others, will be keeping an eye on this.

Michele Bachmann is dangerous for America...

It all started when our president, the man who stood in the rubble of the destroyed World Trade Center, decided to abandon his pursuit of Osama bin Laden, to engage in some feel good attack on our other favorite boogeyman at the time, Saddam Hussein. This same president thought it was a good idea to, while engaged in two wars, cut taxes that were helping pay for the conflicts. A move that took us from having a budget surplus, to adding to our all but crippling debt.

Fast forward to 2008. This country elects it's first non completely Caucasian president. (Remember, Mr. Obama is half white) But this isn't just our first black president, this man had the audacity to to give hope to other black people, living at or below the poverty level. This enraged the crowd that believed that all improvised people deserved their fate, and not one dime of their tax money should go to help these people. With that, came the birth of the Tea Party movement. This movement has spawned an obscure Congresswoman, whose "fuck the poor, and anybody else she finds morally reprehensible (ie gays)" platform into a leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president.

Michele Bachmann may indeed be the Hilary Clinton or this election cycle. Remember back in 2006, how we all said Ms. Clinton may be the most polarizing political figure this nation has ever seen? Why is someone with the very same rhetorical skills, except on the other end of the political spectrum, even considered a serious candidate?

The answer is simple... We are more divided as a nation, as in anytime since the Vietnam war. We truly don't like each other very much. Now we're engaged in our own micro civil war. Fortunately, for now, this war is being fought through Twitter, and other social media sites.

This war has several fronts. Rich vs. poor, people born here vs. immigrants, and yes, heterosexuals vs. homosexuals. And people like Michele Bachmann are doing their best to fan these flames of discontent. How long will it be before these internet flame wars, as they're called, spill out into our streets?

Unless Michele Bachmann is exposed for playing into the fears of the simple minded people, who may be afraid that the meek are really ready to inherit the Earth, we may finally do what was attempted some 150 years ago, become the Divided States of America.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Old Country Buffet Diet

One of the things that got me up to nearly 320 pounds was my love, in the late 80s and early 90s for Old Country Buffet. Their carved roast beef was to die for, and I almost did.

Unfortunately, it wasn't my self control that pushed me away from the OCB table, rather their ever declining product quality, that made going to my once favorite trough less and less appealing.

Every once in a while though, the wife and I try to give them another chance. All it did was remind us why we haven't been back.

This time, it wasn't so much the food that left us doubting our return. Instead, the fact the there were at least a dozen tables that were left unbussed. Fortunately, they weren't all that busy, so we were able to find a relatively clean table. Through our 30 minute "dining experience," those tables were never touched, and several more, from customers finished with their meal, left close to 20 tables with dirty dishes on them. All this while crew members stood around, chatting about their post pubertal lives.

In fairness, our only visits over the last couple years have been at their Coon Rapids location. But these places are a chain, with district and regional managers. Not to mention, Buffets Inc. is an Eagan based company.

I guess I can look at the bright side. I don't think I'm in any danger of returning to that 300 plus pound mark, as long as Old Country Buffet continues their downward spiral. To that, I say thank you...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An apology to to Tom Swift, and the other readers of this blog...

A couple of days ago, I posted on this blog about a confrontation I had via Twitter with outspoken Conservative blogger, Tom Swift. The confrontation started when I responded to tweets he made in Spanish, addressing the likely state government shutdown. The rhetoric escalated to an unacceptable level, and admittedly, I posted a couple of threatening remarks toward Mr. Swift.

The reason for this apology is not because of some fear of reprisal, either physically or legally, or because I felt Tom Swift was winning some sort of "war of words" with me through Twitter. The fact is, I feel this type of rhetoric is unproductive in attempting to solve our state's and our nation's very complex problems. For me to "jump on" someone else that is engaging in this rhetoric is extremely hypocritical on my part.

The truth is, I started this verbal battle with Tom Swift, because of posts he made about other people. But these people are all adults, and should be able to handle their own battles, in what ever manner they choose. Furthermore, I have no clue what started those particular battles.

I don't expect Liberals and Conservatives to sit around a campfire and sing Kumbaya, but we all better start finding some common ground, before this shit really gets out of hand. In the future, I hope to be more about solutions, and less about adding to the problem.

So, to Tom Swift, the readers of this blog, the listeners to our show, and those who follow me on Twitter, I offer a heartfelt apology. We may never agree on everything (or anything), but hopefully in the future, the disagreement can be a civil one.

Netroots observations, Vile talk on blogs & Twitter

Roger attended Friday and Saturday seminars, and will give his take on the event. I will explain why I didn't go. (And it wasn't just the cost...)

Twitter has become the breeding grounds for some nasty political debate. Is this really doing any good?

Click here to listen...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Notes from Netroots 2011

Well, my first day of two attending Netroots Nation 2011. I must say it is really empowering to be here. Everyone of these like minded people are proof to me that John and I are not alone in our views. Rationally, I know we are one of many, but it is comforting to be among people who feel like we do. I have only been to one session, I can already tell I will be learning a lot. Not to digress too far, but the hate filled right wing conference, Right Online, is infiltrating our twitter hashtag, #nn11, with little barbs. Of course, they are making sure it is broadcast on there twitter hashta as well, #ro11. They are like little children throwing little attacks and running back to there little bully friends. I will take some screenshots of them to share.

One highlight was the excellent, but very uncomfortable interview with Dan Pfeiffer, White House Director of Communications, and Angry Mouse of the DailyKOS. A lot of us were squirming in our seat at the exchange. Hard hitting would be putting it mildly!

One of my goals is to network and invite people to guest on our show. So far I have a Union House in Wyoming, MN and a rep from The Space Frontier Foundation. Oh yeah John, I have two potential guests. :) Also getting some good photos!

Please excuse any typos. In my vanity, I wore my contact from a prescription from over a year ago! Needless to say I look purty, but can't see shit!

Now back to the conference!

Do you think this is sexist?

Apparently, someone I was following on Twitter did. I know I have a dry sense of humor sometimes, but are we really that sensitive?

Be honest with me now...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boehner Sex Scandal? Enquiring Minds Want to Know!

It was very odd that John Boehner was quiet when the news broke about Anthony Weiner's Twitter scandal, but now the National Enquirer has reported that the New York Times is preparing a story that may explain why. Now, the National Enquirer is never a great source of legitimate news I grant you, BUT they did break the story on the John Edward's affair!

You see, Rep. Boehner MAY (and I emphasis MAY) be involved with lobbyist LISBETH LYONS as well as with LEIGH LaMORA, a 46-year-old former press secretary to JOEL HEFLEY, an ex-Colorado Congressman. Apparently Boehner has a fetish for the letter "L". Ooooooh!

No word on when the NY Times story will break, but it will be interesting if it is true. Read the Enquirer story here!

Livestream from Netroots Nation 2011 DADT/Dream Act

fstv3 on Broadcast Live Free

Netroots Nation 2011 begins today in Minneapolis, MN!

Netroots Nation 2011 begins today in Minneapolis, MN, June 16 to 19. Click here to see their agenda for seminars. Also get the mobile phone app here!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Linda Scheid...1942-2011

Our condolences go out to the family of the Minnesota State Senator, from Brooklyn Park.

This is a statement released by her daughter...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GOP debate, Tracy Morgan, Netroots Nation, WI union trouble - Tonight, 8 CT

Click here to listen...
Hosted by John Shannon and Roger Shaver...

Our take on Monday's GOP debate, along with reaction to Michele Bachmann entering the race.

Tracy Morgan says he would stab his son if he were gay. Where is the line between comedy and hate speech?

Netroots Nation '11 comes to the Twin Cities, but they aren't alone...

Shawn Prebil, from WTDY in Madison, joins us to talk about the latest setback faced by the Wisconsin teachers' union.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Netroots '11 to face a minor pest problem.

If I were the organizer for Netroots Nation '11, I'd be a little pissed off right about now. It seems that there will be an infestation of conservative cockroaches, such as Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, Herman Cain, as well as our own local breed of vermin, Michele Bachmann, and Tim Pawlenty, all descending on the Minneapolis Hilton, on the same weekend that the national progressive seminar will be held.

Net Roots is scheduled to start this Thursday, while the conservative event, sponsored by RightOnline, begins Friday.

While some will look at this as an intrusion, I see it as an opportunity for liberals to show that they are undaunted in getting out the message of social justice, and equality. I suspect there may be a few heated exchanges in the hallways of that hotel, over the weekend.

If you are attending the conference, and you see these cockroaches roaming the commons areas, fear not. The truth of your convictions will protect you from any disease they may be carrying.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Special late night show, 11pm CT, tonight...

I have a few things on my mind that I'd like to share. The tone will be a lot more laid back than our normal Wednesday night tilt.

There will be some political talk, but not the hard liberal rhetoric that we've been known for of late.

Join me, as I kick back and relax with a cold beer, and share a few personal thoughts.

Click here to listen.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Local Somalis can (and must) be a part of the solution...

Most regular readers of this blog know that my real job (if you can call it that) is driving cab. Because of this I have been in closer contact with Somali immigrants, who also drive, than many in the local mainstream media are.

With news reports of a Somali man from Minnesota arrested on terrorism charges, comes the fear, from the ignorant, that every Somali man, woman, and child are potential terrorists. This is the type of thing that leads to attacks on Somalis, especially in college towns like St. Cloud, where there have been several reports of attacks, as well as vandalism of Somali run businesses.

While I don't feel there is an obligation, I think the Somali community could do more to distance themselves from the few bad apples who are getting the media's attention. Leaders in the Somali community would be well served by vocally condemning extremism within the Islamic faith. These leaders also need to work within the community to single out those individuals who may be somehow tempted to join terrorist organizations.

With out these steps, I feel there may be more, and bigger problems between the Somalis, and the community where they live and work. If that happens, al Qaeda wins.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Real progressives support Rep Weiner...

And Roger and I spent a majority of the show discussing why the troubled Congressman should not give in to pressure for him to resign.

Click here for the show archive.

Monday, June 6, 2011

It was only going to be a matter of time...

I almost feel guilty sharing this, but I'm afraid the worse is yet to come...

Fox Fax Faux

Fox screws up again! This time the (on) crack news organization was doing a story on Sarah Palin. Instead of showing the real Lil' Miss Mavrick, they show a picture of Tina Fey doing an inpersonation of Ms. Palin! Those Fox people are such a hoot! How many times must this network do this kind of crap and get away with it? I know, I know, a lot of you are saying, but Roger, mistakes happen! Well, let's look at some sites that follow these "honest" mistakes and find out just how many of these "honest" mistakes Fox makes. Almost made a tongue twister there!

There are watchdog websites devoted to the "inaccuracies" of Fox News at Faux News and Media Matters. Also, here is an article where a Fox News insider admits that "stuff is just made up!" I wish I was making all this up...I really do.

Docile Canada even refused to allow Fox to broadcast in their country under the new Canadian Radio Act, which states, "a licenser may not broadcast ... any false or misleading news." Socialists say whaaaat?!.

Well, that is no big deal to Fox watchers, everyone knows that Canada is just a bunch of socialists anyway! Palin had to watch out for Russian from one window and Canada in the other. The poor thing must have been scared to death! Oh, but not so scared that she and her family actually crossed the border to USE THE CANADIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM according to the Vancouver Sun!

Alas, all hope is not lost! Where can Americans turn to for truth in news. Where can we get the hard hitting, nitty gritty stories of American and World Politics? Why Comedy Central of course! Out of all the "news" outlets in America, it is sadly the best choice. We already know that people who watch The Daily Show with John Stewart are more informed than any viewers on Fox. We also know that Mr. Stewart's ratings have skyrocketed, beyond even Fox News ratings! So there is hope that Americans are turning their backs on the misrepresentations and calculated untruths of Fox News...and turning in to the comedy stylings of John Stewart on the Daily Show for their news!

Santorum to join frothy mix of Republican Presidential Candidates!

Right wing, Christian, homophobe, Rick Santorum announced his candidacy for President! Comics and late night hosts rejoice across the country!

Get ready for quotes like "McCain does not understand torture." Santorum spoke this gem after McCain criticized the use of "enhanced interrogation" techniques. Of course, it is well known that McCain was repeatedly subjected to torture as a POW for 5 1/2 years in Vietnam.

As an added benefit to above mentioned comediennes and late night hosts, Santorum has an unfortunate search engine problem. In 2003, advice columnist Dan Savage, started a movement to create a synonym for the word santorum. The more detailed, might be safe for work explanation is here. The rude, crude, straight to the point, and NSFW definition is here.

Santorum earned the wrath of the GLBT community and supporters by his anti-gay rights stance on equal rights. Mr. Santorum states he is not homophobic, but gay sex should be criminalized. Again, comedy gold. Republicans have a real issue with silly things like hypocrisy and logic

Now if Bachmann and Palin join the race, we have a triumvirate of comedy that will not be stopped! Here is keeping my fingers crossed!

One bell if by air...errr....nevermind.

Republicans have a love hate relationship with history. Bachmann with her "first shot" faux pas in New Hampshire, Reagan was "The Great Communicator", and now Palin with her Paul Revere gaffe.

“He who warned the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms, by ringing those bells, and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free.”

When Chris Wallace, the host of "Fox News Sunday" told Ms. Palin that she got the story wrong, America's favorite Lil' Miss Mavrick of course denied it. “You know what? I didn’t mess up about Paul Revere,” she said. “Here is what Paul Revere did. He warned the Americans that the British were coming, the British were coming, and they were going to try take our arms and we got to make sure that we were protecting ourselves and shoring up all of ammunitions and our firearms so that they couldn’t take it."

If this is another example of the importance of not cutting educational funding, I don't know what is!

Original story from the New York Times is here.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weinergate? Please...

Not intended to depict Rep. Weiner or myself...
Once again, our National Enquirer mentality has us more concerned about the off chance that a US congressman might have sent a risqué photo of himself to some co-ed, via Twitter, instead of the fact that this country moves closer to corporate takeover, with each passing day.

I guess we have to ask ourselves, have we set the moral bar too high for our elected officials? Let's pretend for a minute, that Rep. Weiner did indeed snap a pic of himself with a full fledged boehner, er.. boner... that was, by all accounts, still safely tucked away in his Fruit of the Looms, so what? Since when have all of us became moral high priests? And as far as I know, no laws, or even TOS policies of Twitter or yFrog, the photos host site were violated.

My heart of hearts tells me that this was some bullshit setup by hatemonger, Andrew Breitbart. Even if not, haven't we really got bigger fish (or sausages) to fry?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

North Minneapolis recovery tops this week's show...

Donald Allen, Minnepolis community activist, and host of ON POINT!, joined us to talk about the continuing recovery efforts, a week and a half after an EF2 tornado struck an aready impovrised area on the city's northside.

We also talked about what the tougher DWI laws that go into effect next month will have on this chronic problem.

Finally... We touched briefly on "Wienergate."

The archive is available here...