Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bullshit Flows Freely on Minneapolis Right Wing Radio Show

Every once in a while, I'll tune into the Twin Cities' Conservative talk station. They brand themselves as a "News-Talk" station, but the only thing that resembles balanced news is the traffic reports. One thing I do like about the programming, is the morning drive show, that features local talent, Bob Davis and former gubernatorial candidate, Tom Emmer. The duo is expectantly just left of Genghis Khan, but every time I've listened, they've made, at least, some effort to hold their callers to the facts.

That was definitively not the case, this morning...

The topic of discussion was a request from restaurants (in South Carolina I assume, as I caught only the last 20 minutes...) to be allowed to accept a government issued EBT card for payment. Personally, I think it's a bad idea, but I understand several states allow for this. Minnesota is not one.

I doubt that either Davis or Emmer has ever seen an EBT card, or have any earthly clue how they work. That had to be the reason they let these two callers spread the fertilizer, thick and generously.

Listen to this caller who claims his son works for Perkins...
Assuming this caller was from Minnesota, or Wisconsin, he is unquestionably full of shit. First, you cannot use food stamp benefits, in this area, at any restaurant. Secondly, even if this person had a cash allotment, their EBT card cannot be used like a standard Visa or MasterCard. Of course, neither host batted an eye when this claim was made.

This call took the cake though. The guy claimed to be in retail, and claimed to witness countless instances of fraud.

The first claim holds a little water. It's not uncommon for EBT card users to use their benefits to pay off a small debt to a friend. Usually, it's less than 20 bucks. The second claim was so much bullshit, it was comical. First, PA recipients are not allowed to "bankroll" their benefits. If there are any funds remaining at the end of the month, the recipient's card is reset, to reflect their monthly allotment. Secondly, there is no possible way for any store clerk to know how much of a balance is on a recipient's EBT card, when that person is conducting a transaction.

We can have a debate about the misuse of public assistance funds anytime you'd like, but lets make it an honest one. I feel it is the responsibility of shows like this to keep their facts straight, and give their callers a simple "we don't know that," if a claim they make is a little (or a lot) outlandish. 

I've heard Davis and Emmer shoot pretty straight on most issues, I will give them credit for that. But there is something about "welfare" that makes these guys' blood boil, and all bets are off when callers phone in to "feed the beast."

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