Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early Warning Signs of Fascism...

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The damage done by Nazis and Stalin and all of history’s villains will be surpassed by US if we do not nip this in the bud. Fascism brutalized entire nations with guns, and bombs, tanks and the usual weaponry of terror. People could whisper into the right ears and have their neighbors, their enemies locked up, tortured, murdered. Horrid acts done because of desire to ingratiate, self preserve, or just exploit.

Except now we have smart bombs, dirty bombs, even more powerful nukes, stealthier drones. The US has THE BEST WEAPONRY IN THE WORLD. It is unmanned so no worries about our peacekeepers always having to witness the intimacy of death. Especially if they are not soldiers. Our para military police force doesn’t have to get up and close and see the pain and fear-unless they want to.

And even worse…

Big Brother is always watching. Ask yourself, how many times are you seen on camera? Not just what you and your friends intentionally put on fb and twitter etc. CCTV is everywhere. Each day, all of us are caught on camera as we catch a bus or cab or drive down a street or just walk down a street or in a building or at the atm or while shopping or… Cameras are everywhere and you have no say in it. Some are private and some are placed by the government. Who watches the watchers?

Finally, our electronics, our internet and cell phone use all make private info available to those who want it. We leave a trail of how we shop, who we speak to, even what we believe, where we play and who we fuck. Did you sign a petition? Publish a blog? Did you question authority or oppose a political action? Guess what? All your info is available. No one even needs to whisper any words of doubt. The lists are all neatly compiled.
If things change politically, if we take the final steps toward full on fascism, all those tweets, online signatures, or in person protests will be the trail that allows those in power, the very few in power, the creators and architects of a closed society to find you. You are a mouse click away.

If you think you have nothing to fear because you haven’t done anything illegal, think again. The laws are changed all the time, often over night, without disclosure and you may find what was legal the day before is now the thing that can land your ass in jail. In a closed society, rule of law is tossed out the window. There is no safety, just hearsay. Your word versus the word of the powerful who may want what you have, or disagree with, or just dislike you personally. There is no safe place and there will be nowhere to hide.

Even if you believe that you are on the same side as those in power and share the exact same values, do not for a moment think you will be safe. The most right wing religious conservative will not be right wing religiously conservative enough to the person who has ambition and desire to be more powerful.

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