Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Can They? Worse Still, How Can You?

The silence is deafening. 

While our government and safety net are under attack by the rich, where are the voices of protest?

Why do we hear absolutely nothing from the rich in our country who know they have it made, know they could easily afford to pay their fair share, and know the less-fortunate are starving and losing their homes and their hope for the future?  How can they live with themselves while this happens?

Where is the protest from every middle-, upper-middle and working-class family, when their very way of life is at stake?

You know who you are.  You needed a little help (or a lot) from the government, and you got it.  Maybe you’re still getting it.  How can you watch a minority of our country decimate the very services and help you needed and received, and say nothing?  

You know who you are:
  • ·         You attended public school, or your children do
  • ·         You need or needed financial aid for college, or your children do or will
  • ·         You are or have ever been on unemployment
  • ·         You work for or get business from the government
  • ·         You’re on Medicare or Social Security, or need to be in the future, or your parents are
  • ·         You’re disabled, or your parents are, or if you were, you couldn’t pay for your own care
  • ·         You would be powerless to fight for decent wages and a safe workplace alone
  • ·         You value clean air, clean drinking water, and food that’s safe to eat
  • ·         You enjoy public parks, public beaches, or visiting public monuments and museums
  • ·         You sleep better at night knowing our soldiers are protecting your freedom, our police are protecting your property, and our firefighters are saving your lives

How can you deny others the same help you got?  That’s what your silence is doing.

Where the hell are you?  The country needs your help defending the very existence of help you needed, or else others just like you (or just like you used to be) will do without.

The country was there for you, and it needs your voice.  NOW.

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