Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Misguided Teabaggers Dying to Bust Out the Race Card...

With Herman Cain winning a Florida straw poll, Tea Party minions are laying in the weeds, just waiting for some misguided liberal to make some off the cuff remark about Mr. Cain's race. I'm sure they won't have to look too far. As in any group of people, you will certainly find a bad apple. I'm sure there were more than a handful of card carrying liberals who wanted nothing to do with voting for Barack Obama, solely because of the color of his skin. So don't give me this bullshit that there isn't an element of the Tea Party that will never support Herman Cain.

That's not what this is all about...

The racism that plagues Tea Party faithful is focused on our inner cities. Their perception of blacks that live in the urban core, is one of someone sitting on their front porch, with a joint in one hand, and a forty of Old English malt liquor in the other. They think the only thing these people are good for is knocking up three different women, then only hanging around only until the welfare benefits dry up. It was these delusional perceptions that spawned the Tea Party, not long after President Obama was elected. They were (and still are) convinced that our nation's first black president would go out of his way to throw their tax money toward all those lazy, worthless, inter city niggers.

If you think I'm making this up, you're wrong. Remember, I get a multitude of people in my taxi, on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, I hear that exact narrative from fares I pick up in many rural areas. They have no idea what really goes on in our inner cities.

To me, this is less about race, and more about class. Trust me, other minorities, and poor whites, living in the inner city, are no more popular with Tea Party faithful than their black counterparts. There just happens to be a higher concentration of blacks in these areas. Teabaggers don't want to see a plug nickel go to help these people better their lives.

I for one, admire Herman Cain. Of all the leading GOP candidates, he seems to be the only straight shooter. His policies are delusional, but I wouldn't be nearly as bent out of shape with him as our next president, as I would if Romney, Perry, or God forbid, Michele Bachmann were elected.

So, if you're waiting for this redneck to make some racist quip about Mr. Cain, don't hold your breath. On second thought, please do...

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  1. One of the best descriptions of the Tea Party I'd ever heard was from Samantha Bee who said that they don't see anyone's humanity but their own - I thoroughly agree with that. Being surrounded by them, it's hard not to.

    That Michelle Bachmann is loony tunes.