Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Republicans Continue to Wage War Against Government Workers

By Bob Cesca

The Republicans have been so desperate to find new and clever ways to attack the president that they've managed to paint themselves into rhetorical corners with wafer thin sloganeering and laughable attempts at snark. It's no wonder, then, why they're dogged by an ongoing series of contradictions. These incongruities whiz past our faces so quickly these days, they're almost imperceptible. 

For example, during the Florida CPAC event last weekend, Governor Rick Scott cracked a joke about the president's use of a Teleprompter. Not particularly shocking since it's a desperately ridiculous attack that's been popular since 2009 when the Republicans conveniently forgot that all modern presidents, including Saint Reagan, have used Teleprompters. Adding to the meta-irony, however was the fact that Rick Scott read his Teleprompter joke... off of a Teleprompter.


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