Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bradlee Dean Gets his Feathers Ruffled Again...

You may remember Bradlee Dean, the homophobic, so called minister, that chickened out of an interview with Roger and I about 6 months ago. Turns out, he doesn't mind dishing out the bullshit, but he gets his little feelings hurt when someone calls him out on it.

Andy Birkey, with The Minnesota Independent (better known as MN Indy) is got under Dean's skin, to the point where he suing the award winning journalist for $50 million.

Joe Bodell, a writer for Minnesota Progressive Project, speculates that the lawsuit is less about a monetary gain, as it is to silence Mr. Birkey.

Dean came under increased media scrutiny, when he gave a controversial benediction, in the Minnesota House of Representatives chamber, which ended by openly questioning President Obama's Christianity. After granting an interview with WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman, Dean crawled back in his wormhole, a low watt AM station, where he buys his airtime do do his Saturday afternoon pukefest. Turns out he's a little sensitive, and want's all us gay loving (in a respectful way) heathens to leave him alone.

Mr. Bodell figures MN Indy has deep enough pockets to fight this frivolous lawsuit, but says the organization probably wouldn't turn down donations to their legal fund. I can't help 'em there, but I sure as hell can open up that can-o-whoop ass I had put away, as I figured there were bigger fish (or chickens) to fry.

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