Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Learn US History to Fix Current Problems-CCC

We can often find solutions to our most persistent pernicious problems of modern time by simply looking back at history. Especially at our own US history. We often settle in to patterns of repetition that seem almost impossible to stop but alas they can be broken. We can stop the insanity and bedlam that surrounds us simply by looking at the previous patterns and then have the fortitude to act. What worked then? Did it look like now in many respects except with a change of costume? Sometimes the patterns are so similar it is almost as if we are caught in a time loop and what we are going through right now is a prime example.

Right now, the US has suffered through the greed and corruption by the 1% that used banking and the stock market like their own casino. Except the money lost was not their own. It was the people’s money.

Right now, we are destroying our own environment and suffering from it. Our rivers are flooding in one extreme end and at the other we are having record droughts along with expanding and creeping deserts.

Right now, our infrastructure sucks.

Right now, millions of people have no jobs and no future of a good paying living wage employment. Those people, many of them young, need to survive and some of them are willing to do anything to accomplish that goal.

Right now, there are a group of people who believe that government is not there to help its citizens. It is there to merely fill the role of the witness to a crime against it’s own people as they slip into poverty and utter despair.

Right now the 1% demands that the other 99% pick up the tab and then perish awash in austerity.

Guess what? THIS ALL HAPPENED BEFORE. ALL THE PLAYERS ARE THE SAME. NOW ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS LEARN FROM HISTORY. It would have been great if we learned sooner than later because there may not be a later.

Watch the full episode. See more American Experience.

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