Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Cain Spin Game.

Let's pretend for a moment that I had the slightest inclination to support Herman Cain's Presidential campaign. This is the only way I can logically assess these recent allegations of sexual harassment that were leveled against the former pizza magnate. Otherwise, the gut reaction would be simply to laugh my ass off.

So, the story has changed several times since it first broke a couple of days ago. The latest has Cain acknowledging a five-figured settlement with two accusers.

What I find amusing is the spin cycle that has come into play here. It's gone from an attack from the left, because we all know that Politico is such a liberally biased media outlet, to something dug up by the Romney camp, because he's supposedly a moderate.

If I were a betting man, I would give you 20-1 that either the Perry or Bachmann camp dug up this little morsel. I lean more toward Perry, only because he has more resources to play with, and he's not above smear politics. Remember the illegal immigrants Romney allegedly hired to do his landscaping? Cain's sudden rise in popularity came directly at the expense of Rick Perry, whether Limbawl or Whannity want to acknowledge it or not.

I don't think this hurts the Cain campaign all that much. I don't think he'll win the nomination, but then again I didn't think he'd win it 4 days ago either. I've heard reports that since this story broke, he has received a slight uptick in contributions.

I guess that even in 2011, there is a segment of the population that thinks it's OK to tell a subordinate to hold their (corn) nuts.

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