Monday, November 28, 2011

Kansas Governor Brownback Winds Up Apologizing to Teen

A story that has gone viral over the last week involves a Kansas teenager who apparently told her state's governor, via Twitter, that he "sucked." Governor Sam Brownback had originally demanded that the teen, who has been identified Emma Sullivan, apologize for her remarks.  According to reports, the young lady refused to apologize, even after originally being threatened with an unknown punishment from her high school.

Today, I've learned that the school is not gonna punish Ms. Sullivan, and the governor just released a statement, saying that he is no longer seeking an apology, noting that his staff overreacted to the social media message.

I would suggest that Governor Brownback get a handle on his staff's use of his official Twitter account, as this has become quite an embarrassment to him, and his administration.  As I noted to Ms. Sullivan, in an interview request, everybody in public service, from the President on down to local City Council members, are subject to far worse commentary on social media than a simple "you suck" remark.

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