Friday, November 11, 2011

Legion of Doomed

Oh Herman Cain

sing the refrain

999 though insane

reeks financial bane

Oh Herman Cain

no muslims nor choice remain

his hatred oft spoken plain

Oh Her Man Cain

vast UNknowledged brain

by force and moral stain

desires 2 have biblically lain

Oh His Inane Cain

now can not contain

the prothinker’s disdain

of a flaming wrecked train

of the D’Oh! SuperVillain Cain

The Ironic Duo of PizzaCain and Smokers Block have taken every opportunity to remind the world (that watches semi-pro political puppetry) donations have increased with each new allegation. Many are under the assumption that it’s disbelief and victim empathy having a financial effect. However, if a closer look is given, that may not be the case at all. It could very well be that the donations are in support by and from a dying breed of men. The man who is still pretty pissed off that he must compete against broads for a job. He is angry that bitches vote and keep getting a greater say in society. This guy, in his heart of heart knows women should be subservient to the whims and wills of their superior- Men.

These men know that women really can’t be sexually harassed or even raped for that matter. That is the nature of women. These lascivious creatures are always asking for it. Look at the way they dress- in the many ways men find attractive, even if they are good Christians. These sluts know that they force men to have unwanted desires and wrested control away from them. Away from their God and wife. These harlots are just getting what they deserve. A nice stiff satan inspired cock (not the good Christian penis presented to wife, family, and church).

These men, these good moral men like PizzaCain also know that a women’s real job and superseding sacred work is to take the penis. She should graciously accept its genetic gifts and then become a womb for that human life as soon as it is fertilized. A woman must do everything to protect the man’s genetic offspring even if she must sacrifice her own life. It is her duty.

These men also know that at the moment, they can not say that out loud. They are working on it though. Wholeheartedly trying to resuscitate the good ol’days. Days when these men were Gods or at least had extra special privileges and authority over lesser beings. It is hard to lose what once was considered a birthright (like upward mobility for the 99%) and so heartily took advantage of it.

So at the moment, these men can show support for their movement through their guy, monetarily. PizzaCain is their Paladin, a perfect mix of ignorance and desire. He is the guy willing to lick the most shit encrusted jackboot and throw everyone else under the bus in exchange for power and riches from a Shadow League of Ultra Villains. His rewards make him mistake his lack of humanity, honesty, and morality for hard work, intelligence, and nobility. He is such a useful tool.

But he and his kind forgot something. Women make up 50% of the human race and we do not like losing the ground we so doggedly fought for. We also have a long memory for repeated infractions and offenses. Ask your wife or girlfriend what’s wrong when she is clearly upset and she says “nothing”. You know what eventually happens. She reminds you of the thing you did 3years ago. Yeah. THAT. Except it is the pissed off female collective. Cain is screwed and not in the way he keeps trying for.

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  1. There was a post at TPM today -- don't have a link -- that increased donations in the wake of a scandal don't mean what the candidates says they mean. It provided several examples.