Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inner cities are still no Shangri-La

A piece in the op-ed section today's Washington Post touted the decrease in violent crime. The writer attempted to debunk both liberal and conservative reasons as to why. Personally, I was more interested in the commentary made by the readers.  A few of them attributed the decrease to the increased number of concealed carry permits. I have two problems with that thought pattern. Bet your bottom dollar, most of these street thugs have no clue what a concealed carry permit is. Also, mark my words, the increase in purchases of legal handguns will translate to more murders, as these guns are stolen from law abiding citizens, and end up in the black market, 5 years down the road.

I would also argue that many nonlethal violent crimes in the inner city don't get reported to authorities. Over the past several years, "snitching" has been frowned upon in urban areas. Some of this stems from distrust of local police departments, while some of it is fear of street gang reprisal.

I invite anybody who thinks that inner cities have suddenly become a bastion of peace and tranquility should take a ride with me some night in my taxi.

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