Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Morning Journal

I just got word that Hennepin County sheriff deputies began dismantling tents that were set up in Government Plaza, in downtown Minneapolis, by the #OccupyMN protesters. The group set up the tents, despite the ban, for protection from last night's snowfall. Check out the video here...


I got to admit that I am a bit of a fan of Tim Tibow. It takes a lot of courage and put yourself out there like that on a national stage, regardless of your passion. That said, I still hope Vikings'defensive end, Jared Allen is able to "rope the calf" at least three times.


It looks like the Herman Cain crazy train is about ready to make its final whistle stop. Don't feel too sorry for him. The minute he formally announces his withdrawal, there'll be a contract waiting for him at Fox News that will make his days as a pizza magnate seem like delivery boy pay.


Congratulations to Wisconsin Democrats are in the process of gathering signatures to recall Governor Scott walker. In just 13 days, they has garnered more than half of the required signatures. It was estimated that signees were gathered at a rate of over 1000 per hour.


Reports are that the National Christmas Tree will be lit today. Funny how this anti-American, Muslim President would let such a thing happen. Could we finally put this "war on Christmas fantasy" to bed?


Well, I'd better get out in the cab, and see how the rubes on the streets are handling this little one inch snowfall we got this morning.

Have a great day,


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