Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What does being a liberal mean to you? Friends on Twitter respond...

A couple of days ago, I asked folks on my Twitter feed to tell me what being a liberal meant to them. Here are a few of the responses.
Being a liberal means caring about others/society over yourself. Wanting others to be respected, not everyone for themselves. @Mmblvt
Being a Liberal means ACTUALLY BELIEVING that everyone is created equal & has equal rights, not paying it lip service. @NefariousNewt
Fair play and good sportsmanship. @SigHolmes
Being liberal means being friends with the most caring & loving group of people who truly love their fellow human beings. @ninakcarroll
Being fair to all; expect more from those who can, and help those who can't. If we work together, all will be better off. @jshiftkey
Being a liberal means we take care of each other, spend our taxes on infrastructure instead of war. We root for the underdog. @mrsjoananderson
Being a liberal means to me being able to think and make your own decisions. Conservatives have some one else do that for them. We help people. @livingston_g

Thank you to all that replied.

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