Saturday, January 7, 2012

Without jobs, there can be no liberty...

With all of the attention that Ron Paul is getting in this election cycle, I hear the word "liberty" bandied about a lot more. While we all think that the pursuit of liberty is a glorious thing, some Americans have a far bigger concern, such as where they're going to live, and where will they find their next meal.

You can make the argument that New Deal and Great Society programs have created a sub population of dependents. Unfortunately, in 2012, there is no magic pill to immediately erase this issue. The only thing that will solve this problem is jobs. The private sector is unable (or more accurately, unwilling) to create enough jobs to bring the real unemployment numbers (including the disenfranchised) down to acceptable levels. This would include having enough available work so that a low wage, uneducated worker could pick up a second part time job in order to meet his or her obligations. Like it are not liberty hounds, the government is going to need to step in, at the state or Federal level, to get these people back to work.

I seem to remember, back in my younger days, readily available job education programs, where people were paid as they learned a particular trade. Sure it smacked of big government, but it helped people get off the welfare rolls.

We have to understand that while we all romanticize the days in which our founding fathers framed the Constitution, times now are not as simple as they were back then. Modern problems require modern solutions.

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