Friday, March 30, 2012

Does this look like a "thug" to you?

In the last few days, right wing media (aka FOX News), and conservative bloggers have stepped up their smear campaign on Trayvon Martin's character. Skipping over pictures from his prom, as well as him in his football uniform, they opt for images of fake gold teeth and flipping someone the bird.

The image on the left is one from his Facebook page. As anybody that has a Facebook account knows, we only post images on the sight that depict ourselves in the light in which we want to be seen.

To me, Trayvon was an average teenager. A pretty good kid, that might have committed a random act of stupidity every now and then, like most teens.

As much as I've seen, from both sides of the argument, I've yet to see anything that tells me that he deserved to die on that February day.

NOM Strategy to divide gays and blacks? - Top topic on the March 30th show

We cover this in depth on the show archive. (Show Page)

Watch: Did Santorum use a racial slur in referring to the president?

My guess is slick video editing, but you be the judge.

Listen: Rush Limbaugh Claims He Is a Victim like Trayvon Martin

Watch: From 2004, Romney chides John Kerry for having too big of a house

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hoodies for Trayvon

Add your photo to the collage by dropping me an e-mail, or tweeting it to @TheShannonFiles

Friday, March 23, 2012

George Carlin's real talk on abortion, gays, and religion

He always had a knack for telling it like it is...

New York rapper running for Congress, outrage from the shooting of Trayvon Martin - March 23rd show, on the archive

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Sponsored by Time Shredders, the Game.

You may know him better as Pizon, but the rapper/record producer is running for Congress in New York's 5th district, which includes parts of Nassau and Queens. Mike joins us to talk about his campaign.

Also, we weigh it on the Trayvon Miller case. The 17 year old black male was killed by George Zimmerman, who was acting as a "neighborhood watch" in a gated community in Suburban Orlando.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vulgarity toward any legislator not acceptable discourse

A couple of weeks ago, Mary Franson, a state representative from rural western Minnesota, posted a video on YouTube, in which she quoted an e-mail she received that compared SNAP (Food Stamp) recipients to wild animals.

As you would expect, the response to these remarks was heated and frequent. Unfortunately, some of it went way overboard. Rep. Franson cited numerous e-mails she received that were vulgar, and downright threatening. Upon hearing of her claim, I asked her to forward some of the e-mails to me. The first one I opened was from an Anthony Robinson:

Frickin' b*ch...hope you lose your job some day and need to receive food better refuse you Republican piece of schit!!!


That person at least used their actual e-mail address. When I sent that individual an e-mail expressing my concerns, he wrote back to apologize. I will forward that to Rep. Franson.

Some of the correspondences managed to shock a normally unflappable individual like myself. And worse yet, the individuals responsible for this filth used equally disgusting return e-mail addresses. Why Rep. Franson even opened these e-mails is a minor mystery, but none the less, this type of garbage has no place in today's political discourse. Not to mention, it does absolutely nothing to help the cause.

Let me give you a couple of examples:
In Vietnam, after the Marines raped the local teenagers, they would
insert finger charges into the girls' vaginas, and then simultaneously
detonate the the charges so that all the victims would be blown to
pieces at the same time.

What I wish for you, your mother, your daughters, your cousins,
for every female in your family.


Chicken Fucker
“Sometime I target the calves in the kraal when everyone retires to bed.” Egious, a school drop out was employed by a fellow villager, Mbuya Ester Chitendere as a herdboy from April 1 and he was paid US$30 per month. Speaking to H-Metro, Mbuya Chitendere, narrated how the bizarre incident begin.

“I employed Egious in April and his duties were merely to herd my stock since I am aging. “The problem began when several of my chickens mysteriously went missing after attending my brother’s memorial service.” “We hunted for the chickens but failed to locate them only to find one behind the main bedroom.”

“We were not suspicious although its backside was wide open.” “A few days after the incident, I discovered that several chickens were ill but we failed to identify the sickness. “We opted to slaughter and feasted on the meat,” she said. Mbuya Chitendere says within a week, she mysteriously lost one of her healthy calves after seeing it showing the similar symptoms.

“The calf died within a week.” “It was not easy to inform my daughter Simbisai, who resides in Britain as she would be heartbroken. “It had stopped feeding and its eyes had changed into a whitish colour.” “We threw it away but I was really troubled for losing my stock in such a mysterious manner.” However, the beans spilled when Mbuya Chitendere noticed one of her chickens battling to walk.

H-Metro was told that Mbuya Chitendere smelt and detected fresh human semen all over the chicken’s nether hole. “I placed the chicken in a basket and asked Egious about it but he declined. “Yaichururuka hurume.” (human semen was oozing from it) “I rushed to Egious’s aunt who stays in the neighbourhood and she could not believe her eyes.”

“Efforts to quiz Egious proved futile.” Mbuya Chimedza says she opted to inform the village headman, Mungweni Zenda before lodging a police report at Gombe Township. “I was left with no option but to inform my elders and the police. I could not keep losing my wealth like that. Sensing danger, Egious acknowledged his dirty deeds to the police and headman.”

Meanwhile, Egious openly confessed to H-Metro that he was behind the death of the stock for the past months. He has a lust for FRESH chickens cattle and goats, but NOT on a braai stand. He prefers to make a live walking Kebab with his joystick acting as the kebab stick! “I love to have sex with animals. I could not control my sexual feelings. My penis would start itching before it erected,” he said with definite longing for the animals searing from his hot sex-charged words.

“I would rush to the calf for sexual satisfaction. “I would be intimate while standing behind the calf in the kraal.” “Ndini ndaitasva huku nemombe, zvainakidza.” (It was I who would mount the cattle and the chickens; it was exhilarating!) “As for the chickens, I used to catch them when Mbuya Chitendere went to church.

“It’s the evil spirit and I am regretting a lot.” “I have never slept with any girl. “They must forgive me,” he implored. Egious told H-Metro that he started bedding animals at Mbuya Chitendere’s home but his aunt, Stella Chikoore had a different version. “I think he began this dirty deed sometime before. At home, we mysteriously lost goats and chickens in the same style. We are really concerned and we fear for his life since the matter in is the hands of the police.”

“Tatova chiseko chenyika,” (We are now the laughing stock of the area) “We can’t handle the situation wherever we go. He has lost his job yet I am also failing to make ends meet here. We are now waiting for the police to do justice,” she said. Village headman Mugwenhi Zenda said the Egious’ behaviour was a curse to the community.

“I am very disappointed by such unbecoming behaviour. I have never witnessed a bizarre incident like this for all the 73 years of my life. It’s a curse to him and the village at large. However, I have excused myself from hearing the issue since it’s too hot to handle. The police are handling the case and they are expected to go to court in Buhera.”

“The government does not allow us to preside over rape, bestiality, arson among other serious crimes,” said the devastated headman. Villagers also expressed concern and they feared their stock had also lost their ‘virginity’ to the ‘sexually enterprising’ lad! “It’s shocking. Taakutyira dzedu huku, nembudzi.”

Now that he is under constant watch, the young lad will not be delivering any sexual healing to the goats, chickens and cattle. Now the answer to the age old question has been answered as to what CAME first; the chicken or the egg. It would seem that the answer is that Egious CAME FIRST! H Metro

Cluck Cluck Cluck
Who needs food stamps?

Not sure what all that psychobabble was supposed to mean.


This one, from a Kathleen Whitehead, was pretty nasty in it's own right, but at least she didn't hide behind some bullshit anonymous e-mail address:

RESIGN FOR BEING SO FUCKING STUPID - I would not leave a hamster in your care, you nasty hatefilled sack of shit.

I think you get the message. One has to ask, what were these people hoping to accomplish? All this does draw sympathy from the media, and others that don't have any skin in the game. It does absolutely nothing for our cause. Quite frankly, it makes us look like the animals that some in the Republican Party make us out to be. It makes it real hard to advocate for the poor, if this is an example of how we conduct ourselves.

Please think before you hit that send key.

Maddow: Romney's Lies Should Disqualify Him From High Office

Rachel explains why Romney's continuous flip-flopping (aka Etch-a-Sketching) constitutes lying, thus disqualifying him from becoming President.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Monday, March 19, 2012

For Romney (and his dog) turn about is fair play

While searching for a parody pic of sweet revenge for Seamus, I ran across this morsel. How fitting...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Illinois Firefighters Open New Front On Romney

Neil Bortz encouraging outright urban warfare

This was brought to my attention by Mistress Clarissa's wonderfully written piece.

It's these very words that encourage wannabe vigilantes like George Zimmerman, who shot, and killed an unarmed teenager in suburban Orlando last week.

Bortz decries all the carjackings in Atlanta. Do you ever notice this type of thing happens in the more conservative parts of the country. Hmmm...

Friday, March 16, 2012

On the archive - Internet access for all (March 16th show)

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Sponsored by Time Shredders, the Game.

Is the internet a luxury, or a necessity that should be subsidized so the poor can access it?

Other topics will include paying homeless people to act as 4G hot spots, more disaster in Afghanistan, the status of the GOP primaries after Alabama and Mississippi, and finding a solution to rising fuel prices.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Now available on archive, the March 9th show

Last week, Minnesota state representative, Mary Franson, in a YouTube video, used a comparison of the Federal SNAP program to feeding wild animals that reside in our park system. Apparently, this was not her original thought. Which leads us to wonder, is this the broad perception held by all Conservatives? Rep. Fransen was invited to come on the show to address the issue. She politely declined, stating a conflict in schedule. We also spoke out on some of the vile and uncalled for correspondence she received.

Also, I share some extended thoughts on the Rush Limbaugh situation, and we talk about HR 347, a bill that severely curtails First Amendment rights.

Episode page...

From Limbaugh's hate bag archive: Mocking daughter, Malia, saying "We've got a child here playing president"

Important information regarding tonight's segment on the Food Stamp / wild animal comparison

As I've announced, the first part of the show tonight, will deal with the fallout from a video that Minnesota state representative, Mary Franson made last week. In this video, she read a piece from a "friend" that compared Food Stamp recipients to wild animals that reside in our national parks.

Earlier in the week, I invited Rep. Franson to come on our show to talk in depth about this issue. She respectively declined, citing a prior family commitment. I have since requested information from her, regarding the identity of the "friend" she quoted, and details on alleged threats she has received. She has not responded to any of these requests. I'm told that a third party may come on to speak on her behalf.

I mention this because it was my goal to conduct a fair interview, despite my personal feelings on the matter. I will go on without her input. Callers are welcome from either side of the issue.

Link to tomorrow's show page

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Howard Stern Comes To The Defense Of Gay People

This is the type of shit that gives Food Stamp critics fuel for the fire

This Friday: Comparing Food Stamp recipients to wild animals, Limbaugh, and more

Live, Friday, March 9th, 10pm ET-7pm PT.

Last week, Minnesota state representative, Mary Franson, in a YouTube video, used a comparison of the Federal SNAP program to feeding wild animals that reside in our park system. Apparently, this was not her original thought. Which leads us to wonder, is this the broad perception held by all Conservatives? Rep. Fransen was invited to come on the show to address the issue. She politely declined, stating a conflict in schedule.

Also, I share some extended thoughts on the Rush Limbaugh situation, and we talk about HR 347, a bill that severely curtails First Amendment rights.

Episode page...

Rush Limbaugh Wants to Know When To Pull Out of the War on Women

Rush Limbaugh, brought to you by...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cenk Uygur breaks down HR 347

Briefing - Removing Limbaugh from the airwaves

Sponsors are dropping like flies, and he has now had a couple of stations drop his show all together. But removing Rush Limbaugh completely from the airwaves will be a tall task. Are you up to it?

Click here for the briefing

Sandra Fluke doesn't want to hear Rush's lame ass apology

Native Americans school Teabaggers on illegal immigration

Free speech isn't always free

With Rush Limbaugh's sponsors and radio stations dropping like flies, it reminds me, I had a similar situation about eight years ago.

While living in Las Vegas, I hosted a show on a brokered time radio station. With this, I was responsible for garnering my own sponsors. My show was attached to a web forum, in which listeners could post commentary on various show topics. One of the contributors to this forum posted some very derogatory remarks toward a young lady that worked at the company in which my show was focused on. My primary sponsor let me know they did not want to be associated with such vile remarks made about this person. As someone who believed in free speech, I felt it was my choice to keep the posting up. The sponsor told me that if I wanted them to continue our relationship, I would have to take the posting in question off the forum, and the issue an on air apology. It taught me a valuable lesson about free speech. When somebody else is paying the bills that allows you to speak, the speech is no longer free.

Note to Rush Limbaugh: This is what an apology looks like

Sen. John McCain call Limbaugh's remarks 'totally unacceptable'

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is this how Republicans view the poor?

In a video message to her constituents, Minnesota state rep, Mary Franson quoted a "friend" that drew a comparison between the poor and wild animals, that reside in our parks. Is this what her "friend" had in mind?

Buchanan gets to to audition to a friendly crowd on Hannity's Fox News show

From Media Matters for America

Please don't feed the (poor) wild animals

I'm a little late to this party. Blogs that have specialized in covering politics in rural Minnesota, like Bluestem Prairie and Outstate Politics, have found a video of state Representative, Mary Franson, in which it seems that she is comparing the poor to wild animals in our parks.

You be the judge...

In case this video gets pulled, like one earlier, here is the text of what she said:
And here, it's kind of ironic, I'll read you this little funny clipped that we got from a friend. It says, 'Is't it ironic that the food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever.

Meanwhile, the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to please not feed the animals, because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves.

In fairness, Rep. Franson seemed to be quoting an unnamed "friend." Yet, as an elected official, why would you even go there? This video seemed to be an address to her constituents, not some Tea Party sponsored campaign rally.

So the question is, does Rep. Franson personally equate the poor to wild animals? Who is the last dirt poor person she's talked to voluntarily? Is she referring to inner-city poor? If so, can she tell me the last impoverished neighborhood she's visited.

Well, I am giving her her opportunity to speak with someone from the working poor class. I have invited her to come on our show, to explain this. Maybe she can tell us the similarities between me and Yogi Bear.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Rocky Anderson, Ron Paul discussion, Breitbart's death, and Limbaugh. The March 2nd show archive is now up.

The former Salt Lake City Mayor, and Justice Party candidate for President joins us at the beginning of the show.

Also, a roundtable discussion with Ron Paul supporters. The Texas Congressman has shown staying power, despite having yet to win a single GOP primary.

We also cover the backlash on social media over the passing of Andrew Breitbart, and the inflammatory remarks made toward Sandra Fluke, by Rush Limbaugh.

Click here to go to the show page.

Minnesota false prophet Bradlee Dean suggests Whitney Houston is residing in Hell

Fox Still Won't Acknowledge That Americans Support Insurance Coverage For Contraception

Form Media Matter for America

Thursday, March 1, 2012

List of Limbaugh sponsors (mission accomplished)

Thanks to those who used the power of social media, a majority of Limbaugh's sponsors have jumped ship. It has even been announced that KPUA-AM, in Hawaii, has pulled the plug on the show all together.

At this point, I don't feel the need to publish Rush's remaining list of sponsors. It has become apparent that this is an ever changing dynamic, and I don't want the finger pointed at sponsors that have dropped while still remaining on my list.

For those who preach the free market approach, this could not be any more free market. Businesses are very sensitive on how their product is represented. Rush cannot belly ache (but he will) about his right to free speech being violated. When someone else is paying for your speech, it's no longer free.

Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke Is "Having So Much Sex, It's Amazing She Can Still Walk"

From Media Matters for America

Thoughts on the passing of Andrew Breitbart

Since when do progressives celebrate death?

Look, I'm not shedding any tears over the passing of Andrew Breitbart, who died at the incredibly young age of 43. Still, I have to say I'm a little taken aback by some of the comments I've seen on my Twitter feed, regarding his demise.

Make no mistake, Andrew Breitbart was a despicable human being, that took great joy in ruining other people's lives. His crowning achievement was exposing Rep. Anthony Weiner's ill advised tweets to a young lady, in which he shared pictures of his junk. One has to ask, what good did that do the country, that at the time was desperately trying to get it's citizens back to work. His remarks following the passing of Senator Kennedy were reprehensible.

The one thing I've tried to instill into the minds of people I connect with, is that we are better than that. Let the Rush Limbaughs of the world spew all the hateful garbage they want, we don't have to swim in that cesspool.

Celebrating the death of any individual only serves to empower the twisted individuals that follow them. Personally, I empathize with Breitbart's family, but beyond that, his death doesn't amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of our day to day lives.

I wanted to take the time to share a tweet that pretty much sums up my feelings on this...