Friday, March 9, 2012

Important information regarding tonight's segment on the Food Stamp / wild animal comparison

As I've announced, the first part of the show tonight, will deal with the fallout from a video that Minnesota state representative, Mary Franson made last week. In this video, she read a piece from a "friend" that compared Food Stamp recipients to wild animals that reside in our national parks.

Earlier in the week, I invited Rep. Franson to come on our show to talk in depth about this issue. She respectively declined, citing a prior family commitment. I have since requested information from her, regarding the identity of the "friend" she quoted, and details on alleged threats she has received. She has not responded to any of these requests. I'm told that a third party may come on to speak on her behalf.

I mention this because it was my goal to conduct a fair interview, despite my personal feelings on the matter. I will go on without her input. Callers are welcome from either side of the issue.

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