Thursday, April 12, 2012

Watch: Damn those Godless liberals. Uh oops...

Next time a conservative wants to preach the Gospel to you, tell 'em to mend their own fence. The American Values Network is working to get this aired on television. Go to for information on how you can help.


  1. Sorry John...
    This video is nothing more than a very nice slander attempt by the far left using misinformation and falsehoods. But hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

    Here’s an article with facts concerning this video:

    By the way, why am I the only one that seems to be leaving any comments on this blog? Am I the only one who finds all this fiction entertaining???? Does anyone even read this blog??? Hello… is anyone out there?

  2. So you are saying her comments were somehow doctored?

    I welcome your comments, misguided as they may be. I can't attest as to why there aren't more comments. Truth be told, I'm not trying to participate in a popularity contest.

  3. No, I’m not saying her comments in the video are doctored. Ayn Rand was definitely an atheist, that’s very clear. What I’m saying is that the video is trying to make it appear that the conservatives mentioned are endorsing her atheism, and that is absolutely FALSE. While she was indeed an atheist, she also happened to have some very positive and favorable views on capitalism. Her capitalist views are what the conservatives indorse, not her atheism, but you wouldn’t know that from the portrayal in this video.

    It is possible to agree with someone is one area, and disagree with them in another, without discrediting yourself.