Thursday, May 3, 2012

If Mitt Romney was a cross-dresser... 

He would have a shoe collection that was “just the right height” to make Imelda Marcos drool, stored in a hermetically-sealed, multi-level, climate-controlled, digital polishing and preservation chamber.
And after he: 
  • Bought this season’s most chic new shoe releases,
  • Bet you $10,000 his new shoes were better than yours,
  • Dumped last season’s leftovers on a second-hand seller,
  • Took a fat tax break for having made a donation,
  • And spent your $10,000 on a new shoe storage chamber (after you lost the bet because his shoes actually WERE better than yours)…
 …he would talk about how he is a job creator.  (Building a shoe storage chamber is a job, my friend...)
And then he would say barefoot was the new black and footwear is a socialist tactic to regulate the expansion of, and limit the freedom of, feet.

His slogan? (of course)-- Mitt Romney:  He Knows a Quality Flip-Flop When He Sees One.

Image credit: Flickr, sta.helena 
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