Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Limbaugh On "Persecution Of Blacks In America": "What Persecution Would That Be?"

Todd Gregory - Media Matters

Rush Limbaugh is dismissing the notion that racial minorities face persecution.

Limbaugh was discussing a campaign stop Mitt Romney made on May 24 at a West Philadelphia charter school. A Washington Post blog entry reported that during the event, Romney "received something of a history lecture about the persecution of blacks in America and the struggles of African American children to meet the academic achievements of their white counterparts."

Limbaugh read from the post on his radio show and talked extensively about the meaning of the episode. After reading the line about the "persecution of blacks in America," Limbaugh said, "What persecution would that be? Persecution of blacks in America. What are we talking -- affirmative action? What is this persecution that's going on?"


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