Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thoughts on my trip to Netroots Nation 12

First and foremost, I want to thank Sandra Davenport who provided Clarissa and I with the dockets, and Kenny Pick for turning me on to the idea that they were available.

This has honestly been the trip from hell. Part of the reason is because there are some things going on in my personal life. Thursday, I got on the commuter train from the NW Twin Cities suburbs to the airport at 6:30 a.m. CT. I did not check into my motel room in Providence, until after 11 p.m. ET. Because of travelling issues, I did not get to take in any convention events on Thursday.

I got a late start Friday as well because I literally died when I hit the pillows from the previous night. I got to the convention center around 10:30 a.m. My primary reason for attending such a convention is networking. To do so, I hit up most of the booths that were in the Promenade area. I did have some good conversations, lined up some possible guests for the show, and won a few hearts and minds. This seemed to be an unusually difficult process for a guy like me who enjoys working a crowd.

By far, the shining moment of the day was finally meeting Mistress Clarissa. For those that don't know, Clarissa and I live over a 1,000 miles apart from each other. Through the wonder of technology (that later failed us) we are able to sound like we are doing the show from the same studio. Upon Clarissa's arrival in town, we grabbed a cab to this wonderful mom and pop diner, ran by Greek immigrants, called The Royal Lunch. The breakfast I enjoyed there literally filled me until I got back to the hotel, after 10 p.m.

The day looked like it was was going to be great. We returned to the convention center, and did some more networking. Clarissa attended a couple of seminars, as I got ready for the show. This is where the bottom fell out of the day. Between a long distance disagreement with my girlfriend, Annie (who I truly miss) and a technical glitch that caused me to have to cancel the show, I was closer to my rope's end than I ever remember being.

Today seems to be more promising. Despite the fact that I'm still a little tired, I have done a little housekeeping on my blog, while Clarissa works her magic with other attendees of the convention. Have I mentioned that if this gig ever goes big time (or even if it doesn't) she always will have a seat at the table. I am also looking forward to an after party on steroids, hosted by Daily Kos, with an open bar all night? Thank God I know the number to a good cab company.

Tomorrow will be a travel day. After some light networking, and some assumed hangover relief, it's back home for both of us. Clarissa, a 4 hour bus ride to New York, me, a 4 hour flight to Minnesota.

Did I say this was the trip from hell? Not so much. I've met some great people and hopefully we were able to garner a few more listeners and guests to the show. But most importantly, I was surrounded by wonderful progressives, from all walks of life. I got to meet Taryl Clark, who waged a valiant campaign against Michele Bachman in 2010, and Jon Bauman (yes, Bowzer from Sha-na-na). But most of all I was able to walk away with memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks again, Sandra and Kenny...

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